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    Default Can I learn Python programming within 30 days?

    My boss gave me 30 days (not working days) to learn Python to transfer to Data Science team. What is the best approach to learn as much as possible?

    Background: I’m working as DB and BI Developer and interested in joining Data Science team. Boss asked me to learn Python as much as possible and he will hold a test and interview after 30 days. Just to be clear - I’m not looking at Python web development.

    In order to prepare for a position on a team you already work closely with, you should spend close to 100% of your time learning about their Python code, not “learning Python”.

    However, for most data scientist positions, you won't be able to learn the required skills in 30 days. If the only thing separating data scientists from BI developers at your company is Python knowledge, they are BI developers who know Python.

    Data science heavily involves statistics in most cases. You cannot learn applied statistics enough for those positions without investing a lot of time. If you spend 30 days learning a language and memorizing a few snippets of ”data science” code, and then start applying statistics, you will make many mistakes and you will have no way of knowing that you're making them. And if that's how your data science team is run, you may not want to be a part of it.


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    Yes you can learn, But you have to work hard for it. I mean you need to practice alot to learn it that quick, But if you will work hard then you can learn it in that much time.

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