Though investing in real estate is a great way to reap good profits when invested with care, right information, experience and good knowledge of the field, it is highly risky as well when you are not careful. One needs to be careful in many things in order to be a good investor from the beginning till the end. Even if you are buying a property to sell off or to hold, there are chances of risk. Getting a building inspection report will help you reduce the risk when you buy a property, but there are many things to take notice of if you are planning to lend your building or home for rent, you should be careful in choosing the right tenant and check out well before signing the lease otherwise things will end up badly. The reality about housing law is that most of them are tending t protect the tenant and not the land lord. If you are renting a higher-end property, be more careful.

When renting a lower-end property it is not advised to accept credit check because since many of the people who apply for a lower-end property will have poor credit. So, try to look for some other methods such as getting feedbacks from previous landlords and employers. This will help you reduce risk.
Always make sure that you meet the people who apply for your home for rent and do not rely on your realtor to close the deal. You could analyze the people by yourself when you meet them and get an impression firsthand. Though you will be in a hurry to get a tenant for your property as early as possible, being patient is sometimes more useful for you.