hey.. james here.. ive been trading now primarily on NYSE and the NASDAQ for about 3 1/2 years.. and for the past 7-8 months ive been using a signals service software that has worked incredibly well for me, especially when compared to 2 other bogus services ive tried.. their website's: http://www.assault.pcti-system.com .. and i've made a pretty significant amount of money with it..it's spot on accurate about 90% of the time... so I definitely trust the integrity of these types of services to a certain extent... but my question is, ive recently become interested in the FOREX market and I see that there are some robot and signal services out there for 4X and im thinking about going with one... the only reason i havent done it yet is because I found that the FOREX market is alot more risky and unpredictable.. has anyone ever actually had any real success with one of these FOREX softwares?? If so, which one?? ... and if not, can someone refer me to a good resource for learning manually all things forex? ... any advice / comments / suggestions would be greatly appreciated...thanks!!