Hi Friends,

I want to start a pool service for a pick of a great gentleman called Buster or Brad Hanson. He has been consistent for over two years. I have subscibed to his yahoo group and following his free tip and the performance of his paid tips for over a year and half now and he has been consistent throughout this period.

His real picks are "Premium Picks" which come daily and have highest quality. He claims to have success ratio of 83%. I had recently subscribed to his premium picks. I dont had the 83% as he claims but 70% success was there with very good odds. All the odds were more than 1.8 upto 4 and sometimes 5.

I want to pool for his service as he is costly.(He charges $500 for 20 WINNING Picks,yes winning picks only so if there is any losing pick he always exchange it for winning one).

I had profits with him and very good one but i have very small bankroll and my profits are used to pay for his service so i wasn't able to see the profits and any increase in my bankroll.So if the valuable MMG memebers who are interested in his service and interest in pooling please pm me or reply in this tread. I am interested in minimum 5 people the more the better. As soon as there are 5 or more people I would start his service once again.

We can expect a minimum return of over 50% per period.(i.e. The period of 20 WINNING Picks)

Any questions and proof just ask.

Lets have a roll