Hi,everyone,I'm glad to introduce you a game-------War3Gold.COM

Did you even know WarCraft3?Human?Nightelf?Orc?Undead?

You guess which race will won in the next war.Human and Nightelf are alliance.Orc and Undead are alliance,too.alliance.There is only one winning race and of course a winning alliance Finally.
1.If you guess right race,you will win 320% of your bet. ======>25% winning chance
2.If you guess right alliance but not right race,you will get 200% of your bet. ======>50% winning chance
3.If you guess wrong,you will get 1% of your bet.

NO commison fee,Just choose your favourite race and play the game!

There is 15% bonus for referrers!

Good luck to every one and have colorful days!