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    Arrow Academy: Delete the three zeros will raise the value of the national currency & revives the economy

    Academy : Delete the three zeros will raise the value of the national currency and revives the economy

    counting is an economist and academic deleting three zeros from the Iraqi currency, "a national goal useful" for the Iraqi economy, and expressed support for the directed the CBI to delete this yellowing.

    The Dean of the Faculty of Management and Economics at the University of Karbala governor Dr. Mohsen told today (Tuesday) The Iraqi currency is now a "mass of paper," returned it, "a problem in itself stands in the way of developing the national economy."

    He added if the solution to this problem, "it must delete the three zeroes from the currency," adding that the Iraqi central bank's move in this direction "is in the direction of the solution and get rid of the huge mass of paper."

    The adviser CBI appearance of Mohammed Saleh, said today (Tuesday) The process of deletion of zeros from the Iraqi currency will be after the new government directly, saying that the zeros that were added to his work "formed a cluster of large cash amounted to twenty-seven trillion Iraqi dinars," and led to a "confusion" in commercial transactions large and the work of banks.

    And on how to solve the problem delete the yellowing of the three, "said Dr. Mohsin said that the product that is priced million dinars, "will become a thousand dinars", pointing out that the first step in this direction, "is to issue two classes of currency and one paper of one million and the second of five thousand dinars to instil confidence in Citizens and enable it to deal with the new currency."

    He said the implementation of this step "will not take more than a year or two years", and added that the deletion of zeros "will in the future to carry the citizen small amounts of the currency and increase its value in conjunction with a qualitative shift in the Iraqi economy in terms of operation of the economic resources of the agricultural sectors, industry, transport, services and storage and the development of National staff to follow the policy of balanced economic and financial."

    He added, "will also delete the zeros for an increase in the national currency, especially by traders rather than dealing with foreign currency, especially the dollar, "Noting that the present "means the added strength of the Iraqi dinar."

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    Then we Dinar Holders are shafted if it goes tha way.

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