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Signupandmakemoney Affiliate Program

$2.00 sign up bonus just for joining!

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Hello and welcome to this 100% free earning income opportunity.

This is a simple affiliate program where all you have to do is promote my opt in page and I'll pay you for every free sign up you bring my way. Refer other free affiliates and earn a percentage of their sign ups as well.

Commission Conditions

* $2.00 sign up bonus just for joining (must log into your account the same day you joined to get the bonus).
* Your commission - 1 cent for every click delivered to the sign up bonus newsletter opt in form.
* Also earn 25 cents from every affiliate you refer.
* 2nd & 3rd tier commissions - 5 cents off of all sub affiliate sign ups - 2 levels deep.
* Earn a minimum of just $10.00 to be paid.
* Payments will be automatic on the 1st of every month through Paypal or Alertpay as long as your commissions are $10.00 or more.

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