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    Cool Epic Wealth Creator ***** New Online Marketing System

    ***** New Online Marketing System Makes It Possible For YOU To Earn Some Serious Money... FAST! Even If You Have Never Made A Dime Online Before!

    "Over the past 3 months, we have spent THOUSANDS of dollars and countless hours developing a turn-key automated system that promotes itself, closes your sales, and will make a LOT of money for a LOT of people... and it's only a couple of days away from being released to the masses." -- Cohawk, Co-Founder of Epic Wealth Creator

    Welcome to the Epic Wealth Creator ™

    Finally. A realistic online income opportunity designed exclusively around the wants and needs of ALL internet marketers (new or experienced) that offers a REAL rock-solid way for the average person to make money from their home computer.

    Let's Get REAL For a Second... Over the past few years we've all seen hundreds, if not thousands of internet marketing programs telling us we'll make obscene amounts of money... but they never seem to pan out. We get sucked into the IDEA that we can make $37,842.36 easily... as long as we cycle, and re-cycle, and fill up a matrix, and sign up 480 people, and they tell their friends, etc., etc., etc.

    So let me ask you this...

    How has THAT worked out for you so far?

    It didn’t work for us either. Why didn’t it work? Because that only works for the “big dogs”. They can just pick up the phone or send emails to the other top earners and make thousands in a day. But they didn’t get there overnight. Nobody does!

    The super-successful internet gurus didn’t get there by spending thousands of dollars on every opportunity that came out… There are some basic fundamentals that had to be in place for them to become successful. The “big dogs” have them – and for the first time… you will too.

    Basic # 1 – Building a list
    The most important difference between them and everyone just starting or struggling is – THEY HAVE A BIG LIST (or at least very responsive list ) of people that are willing to follow them. If you don’t have a list, you have to get one and you have to nurture it. Once you have that list built, the “big dogs” will be calling you. So, we will help you build that list.

    Basic # 2 – Finding a Program to Promote.
    You have to create your own or someone else’s opportunity to promote. So we will provide you the knowledge and resources to build your own or find the really good ones.

    Basic # 3 – Get in Early
    If you use someone else’s opportunity, you have to get in early to be really successful. Once you’re a “big dog”, the opportunities will come early. What about now? We are members of Mike G’s Elite Team, so we get advance notice of the newest and hottest new programs before they are marketing to the masses. We always make money on “pre-launches”. We will pass on these opportunities to our members as soon as we get them.

    Basic # 4 – You Have to Advertise
    No matter how good the opportunity, if you can’t get the word out, you won’t make sales. We will advertise the EWC opportunity for you while giving you the knowledge and resources to market any opportunity.

    This is exactly why we've created a system that is based on RESULTS... instead of "pie-in-the-sky logic."

    The Epic Wealth Creator has a powerful marketing platform designed to create an instant demand, while sending thousands of potential buyers to your affiliate website. Our professional follow-up email campaign is set up to "seal the deal" FOR you. After all... why should you have to do ALL of the work?

    I recently partnered up with an old friend of mine who is a VERY successful business owner. Unfortunately, he had been struggling for months to make ANY money online. After spending thousands of dollars on programs that were supposed to be the "Next BIG Thing", he finally decided to try something new...

    We put our heads together, and came up with an idea to develop a way to make an Easy and Fun automated selling machine that takes out the "guess work", and puts YOU in the driver's seat. Once he made his first sale, not only was he HOOKED... he was CONVINCED that anyone could do it!

    We then formed a new company in May of this year, so we could share the very same techniques and system to help OTHERS make an extraordinary living online. Soon he came up with an even better idea... PAYING for our EWC members' advertising!

    "We Invest Thousands Of Dollars Of Our Own Money
    Into Advertising YOUR EWC Website."

    Obviously, the more you work it, the more it works for you... but we increase the odds in YOUR favor by sending out MASSIVE advertising blasts to YOUR site every month. We invest thousands of dollars of our own money into promoting our members EWC website. Why? Because we WANT your site to pay for itself.

    Finally, the REAL power packed in the Epic Wealth Creator is the payout plan. With just 2 people immediately under you, your cost is covered. The EWC membership was built to pay for itself... but more importantly to pay YOU... RESIDUALLY every month!

    Imagine having commissions sent to your bank account every week, of every month... over and over and over...

    "With Just 2 Sign-ups Under Your Belt, Your
    Entire EWC System Is Paid For..."

    Our members will also have access to hundreds of downloadable bonuses, as well as the very best in cutting-edge training videos, marketing materials, advertising packages, resources and Top-Shelf prizes.

    By the way... check out what we're giving away as part of our Launch Promotion for the month of August:

    Here's What Else You Get...

    Instant Access to the hottest membership site on the planet to track your visitors and sales

    A turn key instant sales system with our own built in professional autoresponder messages

    Monthly advertising blasts paid for by US, that send visitors to your affiliate website through our owners rotator

    Exclusive tutorial videos featuring techniques and tips that will have you earning like a pro in no time

    Bonus Training and Advertising Packages from some of the biggest earners on the web today

    TONS of cutting-edge software downloads to increase your productivity and earning power

    So, what should you do now?

    Simple. Join the Epic Wealth Creator today at the low introductory cost before the price doubles in September! Get in on the ground floor, and have the opportunity to be a part of something extraordinary.

    Your Price Today:


    This is genuine launch promotion. The monthly subscription cost will go up... to $100 on September 1st. Joining today will lock you in at the low price of only $50, and you will still make 50% commissions from anyone who signs up after September 1st... GUARANTEED!

    Most affiliates can reasonably expect that the advertising bonus included with the EWC system will enroll 2 + new members a month thus generating more profit for the owner than the membership fees...

    *This is a reasonable expectation and is NOT a guarantee of future earnings.

    There are going to be several very happy people in the next 24 hours who get in on the one time Introductory Offer of 50% off, receive monthly advertising to their affiliate site, and have access to training videos, downloadable software, and tons of un-advertised bonuses in the Epic Wealth Creator members area...

    We hope YOU are one of those happy people.

    We'll hand you the keys. Now it's your time to unlock the financial future that has been waiting for you on the other side.

    Credit Card

    To Your Success,

    Join Epic Wealth Creator

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    Epic Wealth Creator relaunched last week. The new cost is 19.95.

    So far these people have proven to me to be honest and honorable.

    Also I have now received nineteen sign ups from their advertising so far. This is the first program that has actually produced results from the promised advertising.


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    Epic Wealth Creator Admin update-

    Hello Fellow EWC'ers,

    First of all, let me apologize for not emailing you last week. We here at EWC have been very busy generating some exciting advertising for you, but that's no excuse.

    We promise to keep you better informed.

    As we said, there are some exciting new opportunities to rapidly expand the business. These will come to light in the next few days and we're confident that the expansion will blow you away.

    First of all, we did send out 10 million emails last week. They are still being delivered, so we are confident that we will see steady results soon. We are anxious to get members in even faster, so we are buying another 10 million emails this week.

    Your patience will be rewarded!!

    Now for the really exciting news. In the next few days, we will be able to announce the addition of the most powerful marketing force on the web. We can't tell you the name just yet, but when we do, you will be very pleased and excited.

    We can't wait to tell you. Hang in there just a few more days and then reap the benefits.

    To Our Success,

    Your EWC Team

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