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So You Are Looking To Make Money Online?

OK Great! Congratulations on finding our site, please take just a few moments of your time to read the following information and you will be well on your way to prosperity and happiness.

You just came across what can only be described as the best online money making program ever and we can guarantee to you that it will really work! We are sure like most people that you are very skeptical and that is a good way to be in most circumstances, afterall you have probably heard this more times than you can even count right? We know this and we understand your skepticism so please just continue reading so that we can prove it to you.

Do any of our competitors realistically have any chance of cycling you or multiplying your money?

Lots of sites claim to do this and some may even have good intentions of doing so but really they are unable to live up to expectations due to the fact that they are just using new members money to pay out old members, sure this works for a short while until the new spends stop coming in, but what then? A few who join early make a slight profit while all those who joined later inevitably just lost their money.

Things have now changed! You never need lose money ever again! Our pay system is based on 100% common sense and didn't require an imaginary team of mathematicians or coders to spend 10 years to come up with, that is just hype! We use a complete no nonsense and complete common sense system to ensure that you get paid over and over and over again.

Many programs offer all kinds of incentives without any intention of ever living up to any of their promises, I'm sure we could all write a long list of programs just like that, then disappear just as quickly as they appeared with the only noticeable difference being the hole in your pocket. They all have one thing in common though, that you don't make real money!

We have created an honest and level playing field for our members to make money.

Here Is How It Works:

By becoming a member of this program you are in effect becoming a strategic business partner in our web based enterprise. A large proportion of your money is used to purchase domain names, hosting, products and advertising to sell a variety intangible products (instantly downloadable digital products). As a member you will also have full access to all of our products and to all the new products that will be added almost daily.

The profit from this joint venture is what will sustain the program with funds to pay the members.

You can view the links to all of our business sites inside of the members area.

Now here is the really good part!

Are You Ready?

When any new member joins and pays or when anybody purchases one of our instant downloadable products, every single member will cycle and earn a share of that purchase! The more shares you have the more you will earn!

For example: If you purchase multiple shares, you will earn multiple times per new purchase, please see below.

Buy 1 Share: Get Paid Once Per Each New Purchase.
Buy 2 Shares: Get Paid Twice Per Each New Purchase.
Buy 3 Shares: Get Paid Three Times Each Per New Purchase.
Buy 4 Shares: Get Paid Four Times Per Each New Purchase.
Buy 5 Shares: Get Paid Five Times Per Each New Purchase.
Buy 10 Shares: Get Paid Ten Times Per Each New Purchase.
Buy X Shares: Get Paid X Times Per Each New Purchase. (X = Pick Your Own Number)

The beauty of our system is that it is a real business without having the hassle stocking physical products which means that there are never any restock costs like those in a traditional bricks and mortar retailing business! In essence what we have is an online based business that generates income without ever having to carry any inventory! The profit is then rotated back into this site and shared between the members on a per share basis meaning the more shares you purchase, the more profit share units you will receive!

Sometimes there will be spillover funds of varying amounts which will show below, if for example there was $100 showing, you could purchase in the amount of $100 if you wanted to and that would claim the whole spillover amount to cycle instantly. You can purchase as much or as little of the spillover amounts you wish if available and the more you purchase, the more you get and the more you cycle. It will also help cycle every other member of the program too!

Spillover funds are dealt with on a first in line basis, if there is spillover cash available then the first person to see and claim them will get them or whatever portion of them they choose to claim. Available amounts will vary as members make purchases.

Current Spillover Funds.

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