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With InstantPlugNPay we have made it so easy for you to make a real monthly income that we built in a mechanism whereby you can make money BIG MONEY for even referring FREE members.

Why Your Subscribers Will Love InstantPlugNPay.com
Free to join
They get an instant Domain name
They get to sell resell right products from their instant domain for 50% of the profit.
We virally turn their traffic into more traffic so they can s.ell even more
All products in the IPP Catalogue comes with a auto responder follow-up system which direct visitors back to their products on their instant domain
We build their twitter followers virally and tweet on their behalf
They get 3 new products each and every month with all the above benefits
For all of the above they have not yet paid one red cent!
Included in their free account they get a link cloaker that virally promotes its own tracking links. Nothing like this exists anywhere

Why You Will Love InstantPlugNPay.com
You can make $5000 per month out of free members alone
For the first time ever resell rights products are introduced to MLM the viral way
As JV Partner, you get to invite 5 JV partners of you own underneath you
We have 2 monthly recurring compensation plans plus normal once-off upsell and downsell commissions into your pocket.
You are giving your subscribers a genuine value product.
Once you have looked at the compensation plans, you will agree, no matter how big or small a player you are, $5000 per month is well within your reach.

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