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Q: How do I become a member of your system?

A: Our memberships are open to anyone interested in promoting their products or services using safe and ethical methods of email marketing. Signing up is easy and fast -- just visit our homepage, and click on the order link to get started immediately.

Q: How much does a membership cost?

A: We offer a lifetime membership for a one-time low cost of only $47.00. Once you become a member, you'll receive access to our safelist where you can send your ad every day to other members who have subscribed to our service. You may send your email message daily for as long as you remain subscribed to our safelist. You will never be asked to make additional payments for sending your ads, or to purchase any email lists.You will be given your own login information so that you can access our safelist every day to send your message.

Q: How does your system work?

A: Once you receive access to our membership area, you can easily and quickly send your email ad to our large safelist database of over 17,000 active members, with one simple click from your browser.

You can send your email message from our lists server through a powerful web-based control panel. Your message will be delivered only to members of our safelist who have requested to receive your offers and opportunities via email. Therefore, you don't have to worry about loosing your web site or getting spam complaints from your Internet Service Provider.

Q: What is an optin email safelist?

A: We operate an opt-in paid member only safelist where people join and agree to exchange emails with other safelist members. Messages sent to a safelist are NOT considered SPAM because all of the subscribers have agreed to receive emails from one another. Since everyone has to joined the safelist, and verified their membership, it is also known as a double optin list.

Members can use our paid safelist as part of their every day online marketing arsenal to help promote their own products and services or opportunities in order to get more sales, more referrals, more traffic or visitors to their site.

Q: What are your rules?

* NO autoresponders.
* NO replying to an ad with an ad.
* NO racism, illegal, hate, warez or adult ads allowed.
* You agree to receive email from other list members and from Admin.
* If your in box is full or emails bounced, you will be asked to clean your in box. Breach of the rules can result in your account being deleted.

Also, your list email address must be a valid email address and must be cleared of mail (possibly daily) so that it does NOT bounce mail or give "mailbox full" messages. If this happens the system will remove your address and you will NOT be able to send mail until you add a new list email address to your profile.

Q: How often can I send my ad?

A: You can send your message once every day to our entire safelist DATABASE of over 17,000 active members. That's a total of over 500,000 emails per month, 100% spam free.

Q: Do I have to download any software to my computer?

A: Absolutely not! Our safelist is completely web-based. You are able to send your email ads out easily and quickly (with just 1-click) right from your browser.

You simply type your ad, or you can copy and paste it into the web form and it will be sent to the list automatically. Your messag will also be saved for your next mailing. That means you can type it once, and you never have to modify it again, unless you want to.

Q: How fresh are your optin lists?

A: You will always reach new recipients when you send your email ads to our optin safelist because new members join our safelist daily.

Q: Who are the recipients?

A: The recipients are optin subscribers that have joined our safelist. Many of them are general U.S based consumers interested in exchanging and receiving information about business offers new products and services, home-based business opportunities, ways to make money fast and multi-level marketing opportunities.

Q. Can I post whatever I want?

A. No. The standards of common decency apply to this safelist. We do not allow any ad that promotes adult materials, or that contains foul, abusive, racist, sexist, or hate language.

Q. Do you protect our private information?

A. Of course. We respect your privacy and your information will never be given, sold or traded to anyone. For more information please read our privacy policy.

Q: Can I send my email message in HTML?

A: Yes, we recently added a way to send full page SOLO HTML email ads. This means you can make your email message more attractive by adding graphics, color, and more.

Q: What kind of results can I expect?

A: That depends, because everyone's results are different. Your results will depend on the type of business, service or product you offer as well as your sales message.

You can track your ads so you'll know exactly which ads are pulling and which ads you need to modify. You can track any URL or hyperlink you send to our safelist. The types of information gathered include date of hit, browser type, IP address, and operating system.

Q: How many characters can I have in the subject line and email body?

You can have 80 characters including spaces in the subject line and 5000 characters of text in the email body.

Q: Does only one address show in the "To:" location and what return address will the recipients see?

A: Of course! There is only one address that is shown in the "To" location. The return address is an address assigned by our lists server.

Q: Do I need a web site?

A: If you don't have a web site you may ask people to respond to you via email, postal mail or by telephone, or you can simply promote your affiliate programs or any other business opportunities you're involved in.

Q: Will you help create my email ad?

A: Yes we can! However, most of our customers do a very good job creating effective ads. A common mistake is being too wordy. Short ads (less than 150 words) are always better than long ads.

The subject line of your ad is crucial to success as well, so try to come up with something short (3-8 words) and catchy, and on-topic.

If you need help writing your ad just let us know and we can give you some pointers.

Q: Can I include my web site address and phone number in the email?

A: Yes, you can include a direct link to your web site or any other contact information you want to include in your message.

Q: Will I be accused for spamming?

A: No! You will not be accused for spamming because you will be emailing your offers to our safelist subscribers who have agreed to receive your email ads. Our safelist system is double opt-in which means that subscribers have signed up and verified their email addresses.

Q: Are there any other costs involved?

A: No. There are absolutely NO other costs involved. Once your order has been placed, you will receive daily access to our membership area where you can use our safelist every day. You will receive all future features, updates and add-ons for free.

Q: Do you provide customer support?

A: Of course. If you need any help using our safelist you may contact our staff and we will be happy to assist you.

Q: Do you have an affiliate program?

A: Yes we do! Our affiliate program is FREE to join and you can instantly generate an ongoing stream of income without any cost or obligation on your part. Our affiliates are earning good money and we are currently the top selling email markeitng service in the ClickBank Marketplace.

We only offer ClickBank as a payment option to guarantee our affiliates "no lost commissions". You simply send your referrals to us with your ClickBank hoplink and we will take care of the rest. If your referral buys our service after visiting our web site you'll receive 50% commission, paid in real time. All sales are recorded with ClickBank's patent pending referral tracking system so your commission is guaranteed!

For more information on our affiliate program please click here.

Q: Which types of payments do you accept?

A: At this time we are only accepting credit card and online check payments via ClickBank. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Bravo, EuroCard, and online check.

If you do not have a credit card, prefer not to use your credit card online, or have trouble placing your order, then please contact us so we can discuss alternative payment methods.

Q: Do you have customer testimonials?

A: Yes, you can read our most recent testimonials by clicking here.

Q: Is it safe to use my credit card online?

A: We have made every effort to ensure that your credit card information is encrypted and protected. We understand that you may be concerned about using it online, and have partnered with ClickBank to ensure the safe passage and authorization of your information.

You will be able to submit your credit card number or other personal information to our site with the assurance that the information you are sending cannot be intercepted or decrypted by anyone else.

ClickBank affiliates earn 50% commission!

Our affiliate program is FREE to join and you can instantly generate an on going stream of income without any cost or obligation on your part.

We offer 90-day commission for referred customers, a hassle-free revenue system, paychecks every two weeks like clockwork, and real-time sales reports 24 hours a day 7 days a week!

It's very simple to earn commissions by selling Email2Success on your website. You'll earn a 50% commission on every sale through your affiliate link. That's a generous $23.50 per sale (less ClickBank fees).

For more information, visit

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