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VPN-Service.US: VPN, Double VPN

The main distinctive feature of our service is the unique technology – Elite Double VPN. This technology provides maximum security and anonymity level, and due to the possibility of changing the exit point at any time the 100% uptime is reached

Elite VPN Service started functioning in 2004 and since that time it provides security and anonymity services on closed private forums and sites. In the second version of our service we enlarged the number of our services.

The VPN technology provides safety of all your data which you transmit via Internet with the help of codification of your Internet channel regardless of what applications or programs you use. Your IP address is replaced by one from our service, which provides complete anonymity.

We significantly improved the project functioning, a great job was done. We will provide all our customers with the following functions:
- Online creating and management of subscriptions
- ICQ bot which notifies about the expiration date of subscriptions
- New countries and connections will be added in future, the main accent is made on double VPN
- A great number of offshore countries will be added in the nearest future
- Partnership program

We provide the classic PPtP VPN access and the OpenVPN access with a higher codification level in the following countries: Germany, Netherlands, Luxemburg, USA, and Great Britain.

***** ****** support by our technology!

For more detailed information on the technology and the advantages of VPN – please refer to the corresponding parts of our website.

Elite VPN Serviceworks since 2004 and is the absolute leader in the sphere of providing security and anonymity services. Our team uses own technologies and has a great base of VPN access servers located throughout the world.

In 2008 our project underwent positive changes:
- Subscription management is now available through our website without manager’s participation.

We are glad to present our new Partnership program!

Attract new customers caring for their safety and receive:

25% from All user’s payments!

How can you cooperate with us?

- You have a traffic flow – you may direct it to our website by your personal referral link.
- You have a website and are concerned about your visitors’ safety – place a banner or any other advertisement on your website.
- If you are a frequent user of forums or conferences – add a user line to your signature and start earning money!
- Offer your friends and partners to use our service – they will become your referrals without noticing it!

How do you start?

In order to start working you should register on our website and visit the “Partnership program” section where you can find all necessary information and a personal link for attracting customers!

Please remember! You get income from All user’s payments, which is your permanent income! A user prolongs his/her subscription and you again get your %!

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