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QubeCash is a new revolutionary pay-per-download service.

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Payment details:
$20 per 1000 downloads (US)
$15 for 1000 downloads Europe (GB, CA, AU, NO, DK, NZ, SE, PR, DE, ES, IT, FR, CH, BE, NL, AT, FI)

FTP Upload (Bulk files at a time)
Remote upload (one at a time)
Rapidshare upload (5 files at a time)
XML Feeds

Payout- 30$
Payment mode: paypal, webmoney, wire transfer, EPESE, Epassporte.


I have been with qubecash for little over a week now. This website's advantage is that the customer has the choice to have a premium download free of charge by downloading their download manager. This does display a few ads here and there, nothing extreme and well worth it, i have tested it myself. My members also have installed it and agreed it is not intrusive and is worth while for those who cannot afford the premium service. For those that can they can pay a low price for that service, download using any download manager in multiple streams and have no ads.

I have tested their FTP upload, uploading at around 5mb per sec which is very fast. I maxed out my connection for downloads on the premium service and was downloading at 900kb/s using their free service using my home broadband (12mbit). Uploading files is easy, you have the option for ftp upload, direct url upload, standard browser upload and radpidshare upload. The ftp limit per file is a massive 2gb filesize. And newly added is their backtrack url for non-paying countries. So if a member downloads your files from a non-paying country, you can select a filehost to be redirected to that does pay . awesome!!

I have a rom website and post my links at various forums in which my members download. Just to show you that this site is the bee's knees, here are my amazing results ... for 1 week (and im not an extreme uploader) :

Earnings Screenshot:

Paypal Proof:

If you upload seriously you can make a fortune. Qubecash are adding new features everyday and have a great friendly support team. Payment is made twice a month , on the 5th and 20th i believe.
Tip is to upload useful files (movies, Software, Video's, Music) , post on blogs, forums, websites, email etc. To increase productivity try using a forum auto-poster. Also your files are added to their XML FEEDS.

Qubecash is better than any other pay per download site i have tried. I tried hotfile, megashares, filesdump, letitbit, uploading.com etc etc. Just see my earning for proof. Enjoy making some extra money

Payments: 10/10 when compared to other pay per download sites
Support: 10/10 - same day responses, helpful and professional.
Payouts: 10/10 - they do pay , lots of payment methods to choose from.
Ease of use: 9/10 - Lots of options are provided that may appear overwhelming but very useful. Free to set up so you have no risk and is easy to earn. Im a noob in the filesharing world but already have earned.

Give it a try, nothing to loose.

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Uploading.com, yet another pay per download program, offers a lot more than just its high end file-hosting service. Most prominient features include 10$ for 1000 downloads, rapidshare manager and 50% premium user signup bonus.

Uploading.com features in a nutshell:

1. 10$ for 1000 downloads from US, Canada and UK. 2-5$ for 1000 downloads from other countries.
2. 50% from premium account sale
3. 10% Referral earning bonus
4. Instant and Queued remote upload facility
5. Rapidshare Manager - to directly transfer files from rapidshare to uploading.com. You don't need a rapidshare premium account. Uploading.com uses its own premium account to transfer files for you!

For those who feel that uploading.com doesn't pay you, here is the payment proof:

Register Here:http://cash.uploading.com/?cod=ck0r297o

Rapidshare Manager isn't available for all the users. Since its a too good to be give to all feature, you must request it and uploading.com will add it to your account. To request this feature:

Goto: http://www.share*******.com/viewtopic.php?f=26&t=19

You can spread your files across multiple forums at once. Check out my post on forum poster to get detailed info on this.

Have fun making money with uploading.com!

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