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Quickly build your E-mail lists at New Dual Matrix Viral speeds
Filling your pockets with e-mail names and hot referral bonuses

Simply by sucking the seamlessly bottomless pit,
of extremely hot prospects… right out of the
Wild West Cowboy Lands of List Bandit

Like the gold rush all over again
It's time you get in your riches now!

From: Gary Ambrose
Location: Orlando, Florida
Re: The Biggest, Baddest List Building System Ever!

Hi Prosperous List Builder,

Wow... it's getting lively in here!

It's almost Midnight.

Everyone is scurrying to the player piano, in anticipation of List Bandit's rebuilding Bandit Matrix... randomly!

Are ya... feeling lucky tonight?

Hi... Gary Ambrose here. I'm out on the road and asking you to join me in this rustic western Saloon, for a good drink of cold spring water.

I'm going to make your eyes Pop Out

I'll break it down.

Let you see for yourself how List Bandit is ready to open up your rich future... in double opt-in email list building.

Take a swig of your spring water... Pull up a bar stool and let's get into it.

I'll be crystal clear about List building and Viral marketing. I'll even predict this will be an eye opener and a profitable chat for you. And that's great. It's good to meet you.

I am a real person, Gary Ambrose. Known around the world as the e-mail delivery expert, speaking on the topic at major Internet Marketing Events. List Bandit is my seventh powerful website under my belt... list of big successful accomplishments.

List Bandit puts power into your hands... for you to slide in and suck the riches from List Bandit's... seamlessly bottomless pit.

Diamond Riches

Your List Bandit riches are like sparkling diamonds buried deep in the earth below. And done without you needing big dollars... big trucks or a big office to reach them.

All you need to mine your riches out of List Bandit is a computer connected online... some time and your desire of a six-figure income. The focus of success.

In a moment I'm going to snap my finger... then we will go back in time.

Going back to a time when there was no Internet... T.V. or e-mail lists. Yet... understand this. People one hundred years ago were making $19.00 per name from their lists! So listen up...


Pretty cool... your sitting in a saloon just like one in the old western movies. The player piano is still playing the ragtime tune.

The pungent smells from the horses tied up at the hitching posts, makes your mind expect Clint ... the tough cowboy movie actor to open the swinging door.

Pull his cigar from his lips... tip his leather cowboy hat as he struts to the middle of the bar... smiles, then sits like a strong proud cowboy.

Giving you King Ace confidence
double opt-in delivery
to Real Deliverable Addresses

Look to the right of Clint... the man at the end of the bar in the black top hat?

He's Doc. Quack, a snake oil... traveling con man. You'll come across a few of them hyping their cure for millions. However their cure is usually bogus - doesn't work.

Those guys boil my blood.

And makes me proud of the fact I am known in Internet Marketing World, as the King of e-mail delivery. I'm King for a reason. When you have 500 e-mails going out... 500 emails will be delivered to real double opt-in deliverable address. I guarantee you that.

That's what you want; the confidence to know a live double opt-in e-mail address is receiving your e-mail advertisements. Each and every time you e-mail your advertisement in List Bandit.

I'm called Gary the Ace for my e-mail delivery smarts thus giving you King Ace win. Winning confidence your advertisements is delivered - period.

100 Year Old List
the Doc Quacks don't want you to know about

Yes... marketers were using lists of names and addresses over one hundred years ago. Using to mine their diamond riches out of a simple list.

Frank Bettger a salesman of the time, who struggled big time at the beginning, then rose like cream to the top of success with focus.

When calculating the dollar value of each name in his list of 1,849, of one hundred years ago Frank writes he made $2.30 per name. With work over the years went up to nineteen dollars a name!


There it is in black and white

Frank is showing you. Letting you know lists do pay and have been paying off for him. Frank's list of one hundred years ago is tiny compared to today's... lets use Victoria Secrets list of 700,000, names rounded off for quick math understanding.

If Victoria Secrets was your list... and lets say your value per name is $1.00, you will bring in $700,000 in each months mailing.

If your value per name was only fifty cents, get this... you still would bring in three hundred and fifty thousand dollars a month.

What you will get with your list online is totally up to you... Five, Ten, Twenty-five cents or a dollar and more.

You get the freedom to bring your list off line and don't have to worry if the old Internet breaks down one day. You'll still be mailing and mining your riches... while everyone else is running around like the sky is falling. Oh my!

Viral List Bandit is
like a monster under your bed,
growing while you sleep

Have a look at the positive looking guy sitting at the table with a newly married couple. The couple doesn't have much money and desperately needs to build a big barn to put their farm animals in.

To help out and make it happen, George the positive looking guy told two of his friends and sent a telegraph last month to another friend. Each friend also told more friends and their friends told more friends until today.

What happens today you ask?

Remember this morning, when we first met on the dusty old road and all we could see were... yes, a couple of prickly two-arm cactus dotting the barren tumbleweed land.

Now go take another look and you will see... smack dab in the emptiness of cowboy land, a new barn... all framed, roofed and sided.

How could a man and his pregnant wife build a barn so fast without cranes or electricity?

it's the monsters name

Yes, it's the power of co-operation. Co-operation of many people who make it possible to put up the barn in a flash. Today the word used to get your word out Fast is called Viral.

Do you see what's happening?

It's the power of others who are helping you build your Matrix to huge monstrous size all with little work yourself.

List Bandit puts you into your Matrix when you join for FREE and lets you mail to your down line. Your down line are your Viral members, who you and your referrals bring into List Bandit.

Bonuses makes the barn builders
freak out and envy you

Unlike Frank, you have the advantage of the Internet at your fingertips to reach hundreds... thousands right from the comfort of your home. To make it happen without any back-breaking work as the barn builders or your current job.

The barn builders didn't get paid for their work. Usually they received two square meals and lots of home made pie, for a couple of days of very hard work.

Those barn builders would freak out today knowing how Viral co-operation is now Super Charged and Brought Up to Date by List Bandit. Awarding you bonus prospects for you referring people into List Bandit. These are prospects you e-mail.

Plus... knowing membership is active and fresh for mining the riches, when all are working Virally. All bringing in new like-minded folks, like you and me.

You bring them in
yes... you'll get what you want,
their name and e-mail address

Come closer, as you are going to hear something viral sites seldom do if ever to anyone.

I will say what others won't do or say.

List Bandit will give you the persons name and email address of the person you referred into List Bandit, up two levels deep when registered.

Do you understand what you will get? Listen to this. You are able to mature a second list of targeted Internet marketing prospects that are as fresh as every cool breeze across the desert.

Tapping the wealth from referrals

When a person you introduced to List Bandit signs up, like you did for FREE to see the power within in List Bandit. Then quickly upgrading to build lists at super sonic speeds from List Bandit, they too are able to get involved in the affiliate program putting cash into pockets.

Even if you're new to list building... bringing in targeted referrals is a good move, while you get your advertisements ready to e-mail List Bandit.

After a time of doing referrals, who knows you may have enough commissions to put a down payment on a new top of the line car or for a long restful holiday you deserve.

Successful Internet Marketers
know what makes bread delicious

When you and I entered into this Saloon a while back did you notice the people outside? There is one now sitting quietly behind you, over your left shoulder.

They are the ones telling you don't go in the saloon. Don't ride a horse. Don't get into Internet marketing. Telling you how scary everything in your life is... even if you are doing something to better your life.

You are strong to resist them. You think like me and other successful Internet marketers who think positive and say: I want to. I can.

Stories you read when you were a child were not of a Baker reading e-books after e-books. Bread became delicious when the Baker got involved in making the dough... raising the dough... then putting the dough into pans and cooking into fine delicious bread... fit for a King.

Before the one sitting over your left shoulder
tries to scare the crap out of you

I'm going to bring it up right at the start.

Yes, you will get some e-mail daily from other List Bandit members with their interesting offers. How else would the matrix work? Sending to a vacuum like maybe Doc Quake does makes you no money. Zippo. However you look at it. A vacuum is still empty.

Years of tinkering on the Matrix by my partner and me, together we perfected a way you will only get a few email say 5 to 14. And still deliver all of your advertisements to the numbers you are sending.

It's all based on math and more math, so just be happy with it. Though it is quite amazing all of the theory behind List Bandit's monstrous brain which purrs like a race-car.

It's small enough for you to fly through your email to see new... cutting edge products and services... taking you leaps and bounds ahead of your competition.

List Bandit is
becoming Monstrous Big

Lets zoom out and see a really big picture of all of the targeted prospects coming into Viral List Bandit. Keep in mind each niche heading has its own tons of little niches within.

* Internet Marketing
* Network Marketing
* Work At Home

* Affiliate Program
* Personal Development
* Real-Estate

And so many more...

You really are getting the over all feel... and see how big List Bandit is becoming monstrous big.

Everyone in their own niches... and sub niches... and their sub niches... are bringing in more and more hungry prospects, day after day... night after night.

Your Matrix is growing downward and is getting bigger and bigger and bigger because of you... and everyone in your Viral Matrix. Giving you more and more prospects to mail your advertisements out... then let the riches get flowing in.

List Bandit at midnight rebuilds randomly
maybe making you real lucky

Oh boy it's going to get lively in here! The large gathering by the piano and dancing girls are sure swinging.

Look now, up the staircase to see the big golden nugget clock ... it's showing two minutes to Midnight.

I'll explain quickly as you might wake up lucky tomorrow. So lucky you may have access to Level One of Bandit Matrix!

It's the second Matrix of List Bandit. Meaning you may have... at your fingertips a tremendous amount of hot Internet marketing prospects you're able to mail.

Prospects you turn into relationships
= sales period

Pretty cool system the dual Matrix with the second Matrix rebuilding randomly at midnight tonight. Gives you a lot of power behind the scene. Letting you day and night discover prospects, to take and grow a relationship over the months and years.

Having rich relationships is the way you treat your prospects. Prospects, may reward you with their purchase after purchase amounting to 10...20... 30 times their original purchase.

Add it all up and it's awesome money over the weeks, months and years to come that's at your fingertips today.

Fear is a word
List Bandit Members never use

It's hard to understand in today's world why the balding man with his wife in the corner or the waitress who gets paid peanuts didn't join for FREE.

When the balding man is probably spending more on his and his lady drinks week after week, then he'd be spending building a list to make money to get ahead.
Instead he takes the path to continue to struggle with his low wage and over spending on nothingness... than to get him and his wife ahead.

So glad that's not you. You have a vision. You see it big.

My guarantee
List Bandit is FREE

If List Bandit and the excitement of Bandix Matrix are too much for your heart... you can easily close your FREE Membership.

If you are not into a little fun and luck while building your hot... cash sucking lists... you can easily close your FREE Membership.

Your FREE Membership is a great way to discover for yourself, to see under the hood and up close List Bandit. A quick and easy way to find out by stop running all over... and settle down building your lists. Remember... it's your riches your building.

Smart Internet Marketers are stirring up a dust bowl flying high into the clouds as they stampede... race to get into List Bandit.

It's like the gold rush all over again!

Yes... yet another name and e-mail list
from a rich micro source within List Bandit

I almost forgot... there's so much in List Bandit.

When in the membership area you get to see interesting advertisements from other members like you.

With a simple process, you will be showing your own advertisement in the membership entrance to be shown and clicked on by other interested List Bandit membership members.

The power of this click will get you... the owner of the advertisement, the name and email of all members who click on your advertisement, for you to contact them with your information.

Now you have another quick source to grab micro targeted names and email addresses within the membership display advertisements.

Understanding the power within List Bandit

* The First List Bandit Matrix
Your prospects downline who you e-mail out to.

* Bandit Matrix
Randomly rebuilds, with luck hit on Level 1 for huge prospects mailing.

* Direct Referrals
Fills your pockets with bonuses and commissions for you to get what you want.

* Membership area advertisements
New Micro target list building gets you serious names and e-mails.

For more information, visit

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