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You asked... we listened!

Over the past 13 months (since the original Mammoth List launched), we have taken all of your excellent suggestions and implemented them here... in Mammoth List EXTREME.
Some members said $2 payments just weren't enough. Well, with MLX you now receive $5 payments.
To enhance that even further, we have added a 6th level of depth which significantly increases your potential list size and earnings. See the example below or try our List Calculator.
You asked for an integrated mailer. With MLX, you can now email your list directly from our servers.
You asked for more help in learning to promote affiliate programs online. So, we have added some of the best educational products on Internet Marketing available today to the member's area.


You are embarking on a mission that simply cannot fail.

And how can we be so sure?

Because THOUSANDS have already done it with the original Mammoth List... and this program is designed to be TEN TIMES BETTER!

Using the POWER OF NUMBERS and EXPONENTIAL GROWTH, we are going to show you exactly how to...
Add 10,000... 100,000... Even MILLIONS to YOUR personal list of income-seekers so fast it will make your head spin!
Guarantee you will never have to receive email ads from 1000's of people. Although your list can easily grow to the 10's of thousands or 100's of thousands, you will never be on more than 6 other people's lists!
Receive Five Times the number of people on your mammoth list in dollars. Example: you add 2,000 people to your list - you receive $10,000
Never ever have to pay for advertising again! Think about it. If you have 130,000 income seekers on your personal list, why would you ever need to pay someone to advertise to their list?

Imagine waking up one morning and checking your email to find dozens or hundreds of payment notifications. Now that's one thing I sure don't mind flooding my inbox. This is happening right now and I can prove it to you.


This is a screenshot of my AlertPay folder in Outlook. I stretched the window out as far
as I could but it only shows 34 payments received. There were quite a few more
between midnight and 7:47am.


How It works:


Click on the big Join Now button below and fill out the sign up form to create your account. (You are not making your payment yet.)

An email is then sent to you immediately with a validation link in it. Click on that link to validate your email address.

Login to mlextreme.com

Click on the "Activate Your Account" link. You will make your one-time payment of $35. Of that, $5 is paid to each of the 6 people of your upline and $5 goes to the admin to help cover expenses. (You will see a list of 6 names on that page. These are the 6 people who will each receive a $5 cash payment when you activate your membership. They will all receive an email notification that they have received $5 and a new list subscriber.)

Once you have completed your payment, your personal affiliate site is activated INSTANTLY and you are given your own referral link to promote Mammoth List Extreme. No waiting for payment confirmation or anything!

The person in the #1 position is then removed from the list and the rest of the people are moved up one position. Your name is then placed in position #6. All of this is completely automated with the MLExtreme software.

You then go tell everyone you know about MLExtreme.com and give them your affiliate link and keep telling more people until you get 10 to sign up at your site and send you and the other 5 people $5 each. If you don't know anyone, you can advertise inexpensively until you have your 10. We provide professional marketing materials and educational materials on different methods we have found to be very successful in marketing online.

Just don't stop until you have your 10 referrals. If it takes you 3 months, so be it. You can get less than 10 or even more than 10. This is just a suggested goal to shoot for.

Your 10 personal referrals will each send $5 to your Mammoth List Extreme account. That's $50 for you.

Then your 10 do the same thing until they each have 10. That gives you 100 more people on your list and $500 more in your account.

Then those 100 get 10. Then those 1,000 get 10. By the time your name gets up to position #1, as long as everyone gets their 10 people, you would have over 1.1 Million people on your list, each paying you $5 for the privilege of being on your list. Pull out a calculator. That would mean over $5 Million to you.

All that for a one-time $35 cost!

Now, that's a no-brainer for ANYONE don't you think?

Now do you think that $5 Million is really probable?

Maybe not. Because you can never count on everyone getting their 10 people. But what if you got your 10 and everyone else just got 5 each? What if you got 50 people and everyone else got 4? Try our List Calculator to see what your potential would be and then set a goal and don't stop until you achieve that goal.

We accept AlertPay and SolidTrust Pay. If you don't have one of these accounts yet you can get one for free here...

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For AlertPay make sure you get a Personal Pro account. There are restrictions on how much you can receive or withdraw with a Personal Starter account and that would only prevent you from withdrawing most of your earnings. If you already have an AlertPay account make sure you are upgraded to a Personal Pro account.

With Mammoth List Extreme you can NEVER get in too late.

'The money is in your list.'
If you don't have one yet you need Mammoth List EXTREME.
Click on the button below to get started right now.