Hi everyone, I am back again with a new tool I called the GDIFanClub.com

Now, it's FREE!

GDIFanClub.com is a Social Network networking Platform for the “GDI affiliates”. Our platform ensures creating a solid and successful GDI team by breaking the old fruitless illusory GDI teams you struggle to build but unfortunately without success; a team where everyone feels isolated from the other members and sometimes even abandoned by his or her sponsor.

GDIFanClub.com break these barriers in a way that nothing else can.
It allows you to transform your GDI downline from “virtual usernames and affiliate links” into a solid community of REAL people with whom you could interact like in real life.

GDIFanClub.com allows you to:
- Create your profile. This is your private room; it reflects your personality and interests.
- Create your group of GDI members.
- Create your Private Training Team with total control and become the admin of YOUR group.
- Your private group is equipped with a private forum, blog, RSS feed...
- You can join the GDI Fan Club main Forum too (However, this is not a place to advertise your GDI business or any other business. We hate Spamming and this is the reason why we decided to make this specific forum exclusively instructive: Share your experience with others, ask questions and help others with their questions…)
- Post your Photos, Videos, audios...
- Discuss with other GDI members in real time through the CHAT option.
- Add events.
- Create your Blog.
…and more to discover..

Join, it's 100% FREE => GDIFanClub.com

P.S. The only places where you could promote your business are the following: Your profile, your blog, your private group or the group you belong to (if tolerated by the admin).

To your success
C-E-O GDIFanClubPro.com
Admin GDIFanClub.com