There is a lot of excitement over the program because everyone knows there is quite a bit of money to be made from it and because it is simple, low cost and we all know it will move very quickly. For those who have NOT yet listened to the call, I strongly encourage you to do that prior to the launch. The ideal thing to do is to go ahead a line up two people and let them do the same. HOW? Just tell people to listen to the call and tell them to let you know if they are interested. That is all you can do at this point anyway. Don�t try to sell it or explain it � Just use the call to sort, make a list and be ready.

Two people immediately qualify you and you will cycle instantly once the cycling begins. However, ONE person working the program could actually do the same thing for you. It will just not be as quick. It doesn�t hurt to try. I believe the product alone will be worth $27 so why not? And it is possible that you could cycle hundreds of times. At $27 per cycle, that could be very valuable to those who need money quickly.

Plan from the site :
You join 2plus7 for only $27.00, and when you enroll two others @ $27.00 this gives you 2 qualifying certificates, you become QUALIFIED so that the next 7 sales coming in from anyone, anywhere completes what is called a cycle, and you earn 27 U.S. Dollars. The sooner you get your two qualifying sales the sooner you will be able to take advantage of the sales coming in from around the world!

Your position is now cycled to the bottom of the line at no additional expense, and your next goal is to get qualified certificates again in order to take advantage of the next 7 sales... here's how...

* 2 New Enrollees at $27.00 or
* 2 Previously Enrolled, that have cycled, or a combination thereof
* OR you can enroll 1 PERSON that Cycles two times.

With this teambuild we will try to give every one their two, so that we all qualify. You can also see the excel calculator here which explains how many times one can cycle if one gets 2, 3, 4, 5 etc

Also just wanted to add, since this is single line matrix, meaning any one joining under any one anywhere in the world comes below you, the only thing is you must be qualified to start cycling and this is exactly the reason why we have a teambuild to make you all qualify

Here is the link of the teambuild that already started, 2plus7 Teambuild . Be sure to mention that you were referred by GlobalAds, no. 10 on the list.

Or if you prefer to have our own teambuilding here, let's update below list

1. GlobalAds