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The Knowledge Exploit Community
Welcome to our community. Over the past couple of months the world has been an unsustainable planet of greed that has been slowly draining itself down to it's core. People are losing their jobs, companies are going out of business, and prices of everything you can possibly think of are skyrocketing. Homes are being lost and family's are being forced to live on the streets. We are living the new depression. So is there anything we can really do about this? We think, Yes.

For this sole purpose we've come together from all over the world to form an alliance. There is a way to stop this recession but there is no possible way to stop us. Whether you want to call us a movement, a team, or a community. We stand as the new nation.

We all have one common goal in mind. To be financially free, and financially successful. Stop looking through the daily newspaper for a 40 hour weekly job that is going to pay you pennies on the dollar and then you risk getting laid off or the company shutting down. Start living worry free.

What Our Community is All About
Our community is composed of highly trained professional online marketers. We train you, we show you what to do, how to do it, and where to do it. We figure that by having a community of leaders we would quickly zoom everyone to success without anyone slowing us down which is why training you is our number one priority. After you begin to go through the marketing courses you'll be amazed by how easy it now is to market any program or system you ever come across. We will be releasing effective techniques from very successful marketers from all around the world. Your success is our community's success.

Now where does the money come from? Our community has an affiliate program integrated into itself. In other words, after your done with the training, and you go out and apply your new tactics, we are going to pay you $2 monthly residual for every individual you recruit into our community, forever.

Now that isn't all. We're a community for a reason. Our affiliate program is only an incentive for our members to actively recruit and quickly grow our community. Now here is what we are mainly based on. Our community is based on a system of launches. Ever heard of those programs that give you a link and pay you for bringing in referrals? What do you think would happen if thousands of people all signed up through one single link all at the same exact time? With a normal referral program, only the person that owns the link would make a lot of money but with a forced matrix which is the type of program we launch into, the referrals are all spread evenly. So every time we launch, everyone is constantly building their 2nd income.

The basic layout to our community is as follows:

1) We train you and teach you how to become a leader in the online marketing industry.
2) You begin to apply your new tactics and recruit new members into our community while you simultaneously earn $2 per month for each individual you recruit.
3) We launch into a forced matrix program which will constantly build your 2nd residual income, launch after launch, after launch. Forever.
4) After each launch, our entire member base actively markets for two weeks straight recruiting as many people as possible.
5) When the two week period is over, we launch again, filling your downline even more.
6) And so on..Launch, double, launch, double, etc.

Community Overview
Knowledge Exploit has a very small $3 monthly members fee which is used to fund our affiliate program and grow our community by placing the excess into advertising, therefore sliding more money into your pocket. The more people that join our community, the more money you will make. Whether you heard about us through your favorite radio station or through a close friend, we welcome you aboard. Below is only a few of the products and services we have to offer:

- Professional Training
- Affiliate Program (The lowest cost and highest paying on the net.)
- Multiple Bonus Programs
- Marketing Help Forum
- Professionally Designed Marketing Material & Resources
- Mass Launches
- Community Based Advertising Fund
- Community Projects (Have fun while you earn!)
- Members Chat Room
- 24/7 Help & Support

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