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Here's How You, Too, Can Go From "nowhere" To
8206 Followers in Just 23 Days!
"Hands Free"

...And Still Be Able To Build Relationship with your followers!

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Are you spending too much time building your list of Twitter followers and not enough time actually building a relationship with them?

From the desk of Vince Craine

Every Serious Marketer Knows The Power Of Twitter And How Important It Is. Some Newbie Marketers Are Spending HOURS EVERY DAY Finding New People To Follow. The More Savvy Are Using FREE Twitter Software That Just Don't Cut It Or They Are Paying Through The Nose For Expensive Twitter Software Tools!

The reason why is simple... Millions will be made on Twitter! It's the most important marketing vehicle available today... Even congress uses it!

Read on to discover the awesome traffic building power of the Twitter Software, "TweetElite Pro", and how you, too, can tap into the marketing power of twitter to build a following in any niche you choose!
How I went from less than 523 followers to 8206 followers in 23 days with less than 15 minutes "work".

I know, it's dead easy to make a claim like that. Sure you can see that I have over 8000 followers when you visit my Twitter profile, but how can you know that I got all those followers in 23 days?

Below is a screenshot of the progress of my followers over the last 23 days. These are my actual follower stats. compilied by TwitterCounter.com, this information is publicly available on the TwitterCounter website... it's not something I can fake.

I first set up TweetElitePro on the 25th March when I had just 523 followers at Twitter. Now, less than 1 month later I have over 8200 followers and growing by an average of 447 followers per day...
No other Twitter Software works quite as well as this.
Vince Craine Uses The Twitter Software TweetElite Pro

You can visit TwitterCounter and verify these stats are indeed genuine

I am sure you will agree that those stats are pretty impressive? Without hardly lifting a finger I went from 523 followers to 8206 followers in 23 days! All I did to achive this was set up the TweetElitePro software once!

Think it was a fluke? 1 week after I began testing the software, I gave it to Dave Pumfrey to try. Dave already had over 5000 followers before using the software and was spending about 1 hour per day finding new people to follow. Just take a look how Dave's follower rate increased when he started to use TweetElitePro

Dave Pumfrey Uses The Twitter Software TweetElite Pro

See how the graph shoots up at a sharper angle when Dave began using the this twitter software? You can clearly see how he got more followers in the 3 weeks that TweetElite Pro was working for him than he got working 1 hour per day for the previous 60+ days!
This is no fluke, This WILL happen for you, too!
TweetElite Pro's Twitter Software WORKS FAST!

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