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Who Are We?
We Love Network Marketing And The Opportunity It Provides People. Now We Are The Ones Who Are Going To Make It Mainstream!
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Escape International | ****utive Team
Some People Say "Network Marketing Does Not Work" ...We Are Standing Tall And Proving Them All Wrong!

Escape International is a Network Marketing company founded by a talented individual with a tremendous bank of experience and integrity. We believe that because of our FREE startup model; coupled with the industries, products, and training that Escape offers; that we will one day have more Full-Time representatives than the largest employer in the world. Bottom Line: People Want Financial Freedom, They Just Need The Vehicle To Drive There!

Our founder, David A. Rutz believed he could assemble the right team members who could develop that "escape vehicle". The result, Escape International, its ****utive team, and the field leaders.

Escape is located about 30 miles from Downtown Detroit in Bloomfield Township, Michigan.
Escape's Mission

To have more full-time Independent Business Owners than the largest employer has full-time employees.
Escape's Values

* To be a GOD-centered company using Biblical principles to make God-centered decisions.
* To make decisions with the representative FIRST in mind without compromising integrity.
* To deliver products that the marketplace demands at a fair price with impeccable customer service.
* To pay representatives in the most fair and generous way for their commitment and dedication to coaching a group and selling products.
* To equip all motivated individuals with the skills required for achieving success.

Opportunity Overview
FREE - No Financial Barrier To Start
Escape offers you an opportunity that you can start without having to invest any money up front to get started. It is far easier to start a business, that you can start for FREE?

Home Based
The Escape income opportunity does not require that you have a retail store front, an office building, or any office location at all. It is designed for you to build from your home, your car, your boat, or where ever else you can access a telephone or computer.

We believe you must be able to earn a sizable income without having to quit your job or sacrificing your family. Your business can be successfully developed with minimal investment of time.

No Selling People - Just Saving Them Money
They way you generate revenue in Escape, is by sharing a secret way of saving money at the best stores in America. Even stores like like WalMart, Kohl’s, Macy’s, Home Depot, Old Navy and 600 more. Isn’t that easier than selling overpriced products?

Training Provided
We have a proven, franchise-like training system that you can follow step by step. Also, we believe in a “tools culture” where you can depend on tools to do the work for you.

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