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Make $1.00 - $1.50 each Listening to Advertisements!


No Clicking For Pennies;

Quick Payments!

No Computer Required; (Only Email Address)

Expanding to countries allowing PayPal usage in the near future;

Earn As Much As You Like!

Refer Others and Earn Even More!

No Selling Required!

No Payment required to earn.

What could be more rewarding than to earn cash money for a few moments on the phone?

Dial4Dough is now paying well for consumers to simply call and listen to 2 - 5 minute telephone ads. No Selling

We provide the numbers to call. Members make serious income by simply using our MILK system:

M= Make calls;

I= Identify yourself;

L= Listen to ads;

K= Keep records.

Nothing further required. Our computers will do the rest.

Dial4dough is now in launch phase.

For more information, visit

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