Hey guys, few days back I posted about Social Media marketing in which I talked little but about list building. In a reply comment, I was asked to elaborate. Although I wrote a few points there, I do want to do a full post about it.

So no matter what business you’re in, MLM, Home business, startup, anything, you need to have a list of subscribers, or else you’re missing out on a great opportunity to build your business. 2 reasons why:

1. Relationship building- you need to build rapport and relationships with people before they buy anything from you. They gotta trust you first, and think you as a person who's here to help them.

So if people follow you on Facebook, they know you, they trust you.
But what about new people? They see you for the first time.
What you gotta do, is build a list. Stay in touch with those people SOMEHOW. And the best way to do that is, EMAILS.

So if you have their email, you can send them your updates (blogs/videos), share stories, and recommend products by sending emails. Generally, marketers make sure they email their list 10times/week- they build relationships through email marketing.

A person on your list is more likely to buy your product as compared to a person visiting your blog/site first time.

I hope this makes sense.

2. Instant traffic and engagement- you can share various update with your list. It gives you instant traffic, based on your open rate etc.

So if you are marketing on Facebook, you post your updates- status, blogs, videos, photos to your Facebook audience, to “get the word out” and to let people know your UPDATES!

Once you start building a list, you can ALSO share all of your updates with your list. Just email them. This gives instant traffic!

This builds relationship as well, because you are GIVING VALUE, it makes them feel good.
Just like, you are receiving value from this post, and it makes you FEEL GOOD about me, and you now KNOW that this guy, Vivek, is a person we can trust or something, right?

Soon, I’ll also be writing about how to start building a list, considering various scenarios and the business you are in.
Good day, guys J