If you join this program,you will be earning $9 / $15 / $30 / $60 / $100 / $200 / $400 / $800 Multiple Times Directly & Automatically To Your Payment Accounts. You won't have to request for payments,it will be appearing in your payment accounts. You don't have to do anything to get paid if you join. Become a full member and be expecting your money in your payment accounts.

The program is a Matrix but it is one that you don't need to refer anyone at all. If you check it, it is the best program you will ever come across,believe me. I started earning money in my first week on it without doing any serious promotion ( Having 20 plus downlines now ). There is 100% chance that you will make money unlike HYIPs.

Nobody,i mean no third party will handle your earnings. It goes straight to your payment accounts.

For you to start getting paid from it,you need to do these :

1. Must fill your payment accounts ( Paypal,Payza,Perfectmoney,Solidtrustpay,Egopay & Okpay ) into the Payment Settings Page.

Failure to do this will cause your account to be locked and you will loose earnings.

2. Must be checking your accounts daily for any payments from those place under you because you will be the one to approve their account activation once you have confirmed their payment to you. You must confirm their payments and activate their account within two days.

3. Must get your account activated within three days or the script ( Not admin ) will delete your account.

4. Read all instructions on the site and understand them.

As new members are placed under you,you will be moving to higher levels which means more money.

Your earnings are :

A. Phase 1

1. Level 1 - $45

2. Level 2 - $375

3. Level 3 - $3750

4. Level 4 - $37,500

Phase 2

1. Level 1 - $500

2. Level 2 - $5000

3. Level 3 - $50,000

4. Level 4 - $500,000

Remember,you don't need to refer anyone to get all these money. All you need do is join and activate your account and be waiting for your payments. If you can refer,you will earn for that.

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