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    Default - Brand New Just $5

    I am not the admin


    3 SUPERFAST Progressive Boards

    1x3, 1x3 and 1x2
    Bonus 'Dollar Doubler' Board (After Cycling Board 1)

    Only $5 Entry
    Just Make Your Way From The Bronx To Broadway and You Will Have Earned $20 PLUS $2 each time you cycle the Dollar Doubler.


    You think this plan is fast?
    Wait till you see what we are adding later

    Take your taxi from Bronx to Broadway and earn all the way!

    Each time you drop off and pick up a passenger, you will get paid, and so will your boss (sponsor) you will even pick up tips for your driving skills.

    The cost of a passenger in The Bronx costs you $5 and you receive 1000 premium banner ads and 1000 text ads.

    All Boards Are Company Forced.
    No Sponsoring Required.

    Pick up a passenger in THE BRONX. (1x3)
    Get through The Bronx to earn a $4 fare.
    The Boss gets $1
    You get a 'Dollar Doubler' Tip.

    You pick up a passenger going to HARLEM (1x3)
    Make it across Harlem to earn a $6 fare
    The Boss gets $2

    You pick up a passenger going to BROADWAY (1x2)
    Drop off in Broadway for a nice $10 fare
    The Boss gets $4

    Grab some and in Times Square. because you are off right back to The Bronx where your next passenger is waiting.

    The Dollar Doubler is a 1x2 bonus board where you get in free each time you cycle through The Bronx board. You also get a free Re-entry into this board each time you cycle it....This is a FAST earning board and these entries build up very quickly.

    Accepts : STP & Egopay

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    After what turned out to be a very successful launch for all you New York Cabbies, with lots of cycling which is still happening all the time albeit a lot slower than launch time, but you all knew that anyway. We are still constantly picking up new members.

    I expect that we will have a lot more for the next phase on this coming Sunday at 12 Noon New York Time. The countdown timer will be re-started soon, so keep an eye out for it. We may also add the timer to the purchase positions page.

    To combat the errors we had in the last launch, we are having a script written that will feed positions into the system a lot slower. You won't get that crazy cycling in the first minutes where you refresh your stats page and see your earnings growing by $20 or $30 every hit. But instead all purchases will be placed in the database in the order they were bought, and the script will feed about 10 positions in every 10 seconds. At the last launch the script was having to handle over 100 positions a second, and with all the cycling and producing new positions etc, it was very hard work for the script. So this time, if we have say 3000 positions purchased in the initial minutes. They will feed into the system over the coming 30 minutes.

    I think this will be even more exciting because it draws out the insane launch time giving a longer period of launch excitement, and lets face it, that is always the most fun of the whole program. We all love the launch.

    Moving on. Can all those who bought positions that have not yet cycled please refrain from sending in support tickets asking why they have not yet cycled or when will they cycle. It is not really possible to say when any position will cycle, because it is only dependent one thing and that is when they are filled and that is in control of when and how many positions are purchased by other members after you made your own purchase. If you purchase a long time after launch, expect a long wait to cycle, if you are clever, watch the counter on the site and purchase as soon as it hits zero and your 'purchase positions' page becomes active.

    Finally. I forgot to mention yesterday about the referral contest. The winners are as follows.

    impactearnings wins $100 with 32 actives.

    incomeclub is second with 25 actives and wins $50

    mlmpronews comes 3rd with 20 actives and picks up $25

    We will start exactly the same contest as before, and we will take the count of actives from the time of this email to 12 Noon Monday after the new launch. We are still giving out $50 to the sponsor of every 100th new member. This will continue until further notice.

    OK, got to get back to work setting the launch up. Next time, grab your flat cap because we are off to tour good old London Town. Another update to go out later about this and The Bomber.


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