New advertising program launched few days ago. I'm not the admin but one of active supporters of this program.

Who we are?

We are the group of investors specialized in
promoting of successful startup internet projects. We invest
money to advertising and earn our affiliate commissions from sales.

Our aims

The money we receive from advertising sales on
our website are invested to advertising of several startup
projects and affiliate programs. 95% of income we receive from our investments is shared between our advertisers. The aim is to increase the profits by involving more capital and effort.

How to start?

Create the account at FundingBrains and start buying advertising
shares. With each share purchase you will receive 10 000
advertising credits to promote various projects. Each advertising
unit will enable you to earn 4% daily from our profit sharing pool.

1 advertising/earning plan: 4% daily for 30 days, 10000 ads credits are added to each ad unit purchase.