First of all I'm not the admin.
Here after some features of this interesting site.

Bigukadshares is a revenue sharing platform based on affiliate marketing and advertising to help people make money by purchasing advertising positions.
It is very simple to get started. You just need to purchase an advertising position.
You can purchase up to 100 advertising positions at once and can own up to 1000 positions max.
For each advertising position you will earn 500% of its actual price.
No referral needed to make money.
Each advertising position costs $20 and you will receive 2000 banner impressions + 3000 text impressions and 500% as profit.
As soon you will get started, you will be able to generate money.

How it works
Once you signup to our program today, you can purchase a share for a set price that is affordable for all, and receive quality advertising in the form of banner and text ad impressions. But not only that, we've got some great bonuses for free and pro members as well that you will thoroughly enjoy.

Promote your affiliate link, and when your referrals buy a share, you will earn a cash commission down several levels for that minimal effort. Not bad considering you didn't refer your referral's downline right? It's all good!

But here's the kicker that makes this program absolutely insane! ... Once the admin fee and referral commissions are taken from the share price, the remainder is split equally and distributed in fair shares to the next set of members. Depending on what the Admin sets, it could be 20 members, 50 members, or even 100 members! But this is the closely guarded secret that makes this program work so well, and generates more and more sales to be shared amongst it members.
It Simply Makes Good Sense To Follow A Winning Formula That Works Every Time!
Once members start earning and seeing their income increase, they find it really easy, and even hard to resist repurchasing more shares that in turn earn them even MORE money. The attraction is great because the results can be seen first hand, and the program sells itself simply by its outstanding performance.
Can it get any better than that?
Now we're not going to baffle you with numbers and projections, or make outlandish promises here today... We're simply going to ask you to become a member, and buy some shares to see how well this formula works for yourself. If you can't afford to buy a share today, it's not the end of the world. Simply promote your affiliate link until you earn enough commissions to cover your first share purchase. You'll be surprised just how quickly that can happen with our generous compensation plan.
The more new members that signup for our quality advertising, the more revenue that is generated to share across our membership base. It all makes for more fun, excitement, earnings, satisfaction, and long-lasting participation by members. Isn't that something that YOU would like to enjoy for a change?
We urge you to take part now, and find out just how wonderful it feels to be earning money direct to your account more often than ever before. We look forward to adding funds to your account shortly!

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