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    Default Osama bin laden death (Drama)

    Time will prove that Bin laden (on payroll of CIA) was dead around 4-5 years before by natural disease. US is now finding excuses to get out from Afghanistan with honor. Like 9/11 drama this drama is also fake. US troops are really really great and powerful but only in Hollywood films, not in reality. Otherwise US took 10 years (with all latest technology) to kill one disarmed person (as compare to weapons and technology of US and other troops). Surely Oabam want to get some political benefit and get out from Afghanistan with honor.

    If we assume that Obama was responsible of 9/11 (this is not the case) and 3,000+ deaths then who is responsible for more than 1 million deaths in Iraq and more than 1 million deaths in Afghanistan?

    This war will not over until greediness of first world countries is not over for natural resources of poor countries. This daram is just beginning of new drama.

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    yeh tecently this no n happening events took place. but that was all not seems to be real. it whoole story was not l;ess than a preplanned drama. what you would like to say about it?

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