Having children with the wrong person (if you just marry the wrong person, well, you can get out of that, but if you have children with them they are in your life forever).

Having children when those children turn out to be drug addicts or to have a serious physical or mental illness.

Not having children.

Not dealing with their low self-esteem or mental health problems earlier.

Pursuing the wrong career.

Not saving more money.

Messing up their relationship with their children or parents and not working to reconcile.

Cheating on their wife or husband, especially when they loved her/ him.

Not making more of an effort to build deep and lasting friendships/relationships.

Not taking care of your physical health (smoking, drinking too much, eating bad food, etc).

What do people say they regret most in life?

Source: https://www.quora.com/What-do-people...t-most-in-life

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