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    Default Get your E.Gold to your ATM + U.S Bank Account

    Get your egold money transferred to your ATM Debit Card . This Card is attached with U.S Bank Account for Non U.S Residents .

    You Can Buy the card by an Authorized master agent via money order ,check cashier and Bank transfer .

    Also you can buy and Load the card with E.Gold / E.bullion accounts .

    - The U.S Bank account attached to the card accept PayPal transfers and other U.S / international wire transfers .

    - Just fund your Card with Egold account ( 2% minimum 10$ ) and withdraw your money at any worldwide ATM machine with logo ( Cirrus , Pulse)

    Well , we are not talking about one kind of cards or bank accounts . This site ( Dollarat ::: ) is an online FREE guide that teaches you how to get the card that fit your needs and how to buy it from authorized and trusted agent . visit the site and register for Free account to read and compare all available cards that attached with U.S Bank Account and useful for Non U.S Residents .

    The Price :

    The cards prices are not expensive but variable depends how you buy it . For example , If you buy VMI card via money order / bank transfer of check cashier it `ll cost you 10$ for card set up + 40$ minimum deposit to your account . that means in real the card cost you 10$

    But if you buy it with Egold it`ll cost about 29$ .

    The site also guide you step by step how to create your own U.S Bank Account as non resident . all required application form are available in the site . Just read few steps and sending your application to obtain you U.S Bank Account .

    ** The US Bank account has very interested features :

    - 100% Legal account in a HIGH ranked US bank
    - Free VISA Platinum Debit Card to withdrawal your money
    with any world wide ATM machine .

    - Free First US Check Book ( 50 Checks )
    - Works with PayPal , 2CheckOut , StormPay and other
    online Payment processors

    - Online Banking Access Facilities

    - No SSN ' Social Security ID " . No USA address Required
    - Non US Residents are accepted
    - Just a copy of your PASSPORT or national ID.


    Also , If you have a website and operate an online e- business then this site ( Dollarat ::: ) will be useful to you , because the contents of the site are not only U.S Bank account, Debit cards . This site mainly guides those people who are operating their own online e- business and teaches them how they can have their online E.Office or what we call Online Virtual office .

    U.S Virtual Office = (( U.S Bank Account + U.S Phone number " receive free international calls " + U.S Fax and mailing address for Non Residents ))

    Visitors / customers of your website wont trust your online service if they can not find your contacts details at the footer of the site or in contact us page . So what to do ? .. Then you need A U.S Online ( virtual office ) . Here you can learn for Free how to obtain your U.S Virtual office and pay almost nothing. Many sites will give you this service asking you to pay ( 90$ per month ) or what ever . With you'll get your own U.S E. Office Almost for FREE
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