Is it OK to tell a white lie in a job interview?

I'm applying to a job where management experience is required. But I'm currently not managing anyone. I was supposed to be managing a team, but my manager failed to honor this part of the contract. Is it OK to tell potential employers that I have management experience? I have faith in my skills.
Imagine this…

Recruiter, “Do you have management experience leading people?”
You, “Yes, I do!”
Recruiter, “Great! Tell me about your team. How many people? What were their titles?”
You, “Oh, 10 people, all Representatives.”
Recruiter, “Cool! We are looking for someone with previous experience. Tell me about a time you had to correct performance?”
You, “Uh. I do that all the time.”
Recruiter, “Great! Tell me a specific situation. Tell me what happened, what you said, what their response was, etc.”

Recruiters are trained to go deep. To get to actual situations and scenarios of when you’ve done something. I do not recommend you go down this path. It could quickly turn bad.


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