What are some examples of illegal interview questions?

I’ll never forget this one! I was in an interview with the IT manager of a small manufacturing company. He said to me “Are you married? I hope you are not because I know wives don’t like it when husbands work overtime and on weekends”

My jaw dropped! I couldn’t believe what I just heard! I was married, I think only a year or so at the time. I knew he couldn’t ask me this and if I answered YES I am that I’d lose the job (Yeah who would want to work for someone who would say that). Instead of calling him on it I addressed his concern without directly answering the question.

I said “I’ve been working in IT for 5 years now and I understand that the job requires having to work late and on weekends when there are critical deadlines and issues that impact production.”

Just for the record I was offered the job but I was wise enough to turn it down.

Source: https://www.quora.com/What-are-some-...view-questions

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