StartPeeps is kind of like a Facebook/Twitter combo, but there are some major differences which can make you money! Unlike Facebook or Twitter, they pay the users a share of the advertising revenue.Its free to sign up, but you get paid to refer/promote, like, share, post, etc. Here is the genius behind the project (follow me if you can.) 1) Just like Bitcoin, StartPeeps has created its own cryptocurrency, ADZcoin. This is actually genius and will make it able for the company to last long term. 2)StartPeeps has just launched a Chrome Browser extension which saves you money on online shopping by showing you the current promotional codes on each website you are on. So it is a win/win, you save money when online shopping and StartPeeps gets an affiliate commision. The revenue generated from this browser is then shared with the users that have the browser installed.Join The Social Network That Pays YOU!StartPeeps pays you for being social with your friends and family. Why not get paid while doing what you already do right now?