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    Default First Alert! Revival Team Build For Wtia!!

    Revival Team For Wtia, Phenomenal Team build

    We have developed a reinvestment strategy for WTIA which will work
    exceedingly well for a group of like-minded people. WTIA is a well-
    established online opportunity.

    This is set up with 1 TEAM position that will be used for 100%
    reinvestment to help ALL team members prosper. This will be built as a
    3X forced matrix under the main team position..

    __________________________________________________ ___

    There are certain rules that each team member needs to agree to for
    this to work.

    Anyone joining this combined build must agree to reinvest 6 positions
    progressively as EACH position earns in multiples of $100 to a total of
    $594. From thereon, all earnings are for the sole use of each member.

    The power of 6 is HUGE. Do not get distracted by the first few hundred
    dollars, we are building our future here, for each and everyone in the
    Revival Team.

    This is the total commitment for each and every position. Hereafter all
    earnings are paid directly to members daily. For each and every
    position purchased the same rule MUST apply. This will ensure quick
    growth of the matrix and bring far greater rewards.

    Each member may purchase as many positions as they wish at this early
    stage, just ensure you set aside the time required to manage multiples

    As the membership grows, this has the possibility of becoming self
    sustaining, with the increase in team earnings and also continued
    reinvestment strategy. The funds from this could be earmarked to help
    boost other slow and/or stalled programs. The entry to WTIA is $99 a
    year. Therefore, when all rejoin the next year, we will have created a
    residual income.

    Reinvestment will commence as soon as each member has $100 in earnings.
    This will purchase the first reinvest spot and will continue for each
    position until a total of 6 has been purchased. Anyone that you place
    MUST agree to reinvest according to our Revival Team Plan. The
    placement of these will be in each members downline in the next
    available open spot, using the link of that member to ensure he/she has

    We have negotiated a forced matrix build with Admin and owner Rick
    Matthews. Each member will join from the Team position this will ensure
    even growth and simplify the system for all. We are extremely grateful
    for the assistance provided by the owner of WTIA

    So to recap, anyone wishing to join our WTIA build MUST agree to follow
    the rules. If instructions are not followed to the letter, the WTIA
    position will be moved from within our build and placed separately
    outside of our matrix.

    1) Purchase position(s) for $99/ea.

    2) Each postion must use the first earnings to purchase 6 more
    positions in their downline.

    3) Reinvestment positions MUST be bought under the Team link.

    4) 6 positions in total must be bought for each and every position in
    the matrix.

    5) Benefactoring - these 6 positions may be gifted to other deserving
    individuals. (This is an amazing concept for teams and large list
    holders, in time it will be possible to gift to all with this system,
    do the MATH, 6x6x6x6 and so on.


    Liberty Reserve, Egold, Solid Trust Pay, Revolutionary Money Exchange,
    Ebullion (contact Admin for Alertpay& Safepay)


    This ingenious reinvestment system was put together by some of the top
    earners in WTIA ($1000 Daily)!

    Over 300 people have joined in less than 2 weeks - most have received
    their 3, many have gotten paid, and many have reinvested already!

    This will definitely be self-funding. It bogles the mind how much can
    be earned with this truly passive home based business. The Wealth Team
    International (WTIA) has been paying their members on time and daily
    for over 15 years. The product is an informative and potentially
    profitable monthly email Newsletter, and the WealthSystem, which is a
    step-by-step approach to networking by Association! It allows all who
    work the system to profit immediately, while building relationships and
    developing multiple streams of residual income.

    Come join our new WTIA Wealth Team Yahoo Group. We are in the process
    of uniting WTIA Wealth Team members from other groups(like Giblink)
    and forums (like CafeMom) so that we can have a place to ask and answer
    questions and also to share our successes with the team.
    WTIA Wealth Team / Reinvestment Strategy

    There will be a Voice/Text chat on Yahoo Messenger this Monday, June
    16, 2008 at 9pm est. Please ad - genclarknm and davidclaire1529

    Get all the information about this great opportunity.

    To Your Success!

    1-347-920-2579 (EST)
    F5M Millionaire's Club
    Paying Daily for Over 16 Years!

    Hottest Growing Business Today*$50 Cashback

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    David, your Yahoo Group link is a deadend.
    Can you PM me more info?

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