Said First Deputy Speaker Sheikh Khalid al-Attiyah Iraq that "the Iraqi parliament session will be held at the third era of today, Thursday, after an agreement on the political blocs and political reforms closely."

Attiyah said in an interview with "Uzmatik" that "the political blocs in Iraq's parliament agreed to hold a meeting at the third afternoon, after reaching solutions on the differences in a national reforms."

For his part, a member of the Iraqi Accordance Front lawmaker Abdel Karim al-Samarrai, "an agreement between the political blocs over political reforms and allow the document to pass the Convention in the parliament session today."

Samarrai said in an interview with "Uzmatik" today, Thursday, that "the Accordance Front and other political blocs agreed to a formula acceptable to the document included political reforms solutions to the issue of the abolition of the Special Criminal Court, and the abolition of law and justice issue."

Samarrai said that "the Iraqi parliament to vote on a national reforms and then vote on the Security Agreement with Washington."