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    Thumbs up DoubleFanclub - DoubleFanClub Up to 190% Guarantee!!

    i'm not admin ...

    ���� Hello and welcome every new millionaire who comes for a part of our system DoubleFanClub.Com that can make money for you with modern Affiliate Marketing System and can make fast income for you from your investment result with Real time that you unexpects that you will have such immense income

    ����Further more, we Focus on taking care of your investment for most profit and fair to every. We have 5 levels of investment. Every level will have purchaseís limit of position for underlay portion to our members and we have many important details that you had better know for prevention of your Fault and can be parts for your investmentís decision

    -Reapplying is not allowed in the same machine. IF not you will be blocked IP (We have already informed you)
    -We pay for your income up to 200%
    -Don't Have Admin Fee, You can Earn Maxinum as Your Profits

    -Maximum investmentís limit is 20 position/line/User that fair for every member.
    -Investmentís plan have 5 line and will not change.
    -Minimum investment star at only $5 / Position
    -Referral Bonus 5% (1 Level \ Direct Sponsor) Every time that have new purchase
    -All Purchase Position Will Show in 1 - 12 Hours (Sorry for Delay)
    -We pay members income with Liberty Reserve Account for fast payment (Withdraw Process 1-24Hours)
    -Returning money guarantees within 60 days if cycle isnít happen

    ����All in all, we hope that every portionís plans from us will receive good responses from every member. Everyone will have more income under portionís plans neither more nor less than this. Our members and we both grow firmly together. Thanks you.

    Go together, fill your life with full dream.
    PatrickÖAdministrator DoubleFanClub.Com
    E-mail: [email protected]
    Join Here!!

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    Got a payment from the site :

    Date: 12/4/2010 3:01 PM
    Batch: 50643914
    From Account: U5000029 (DoubleFanClubDotcom)
    Amount: $15.00

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