This opportunity has been opened up by a 16 year old German Company KB Gold.The program has been running in Europe for about 18 months and is now being opened to other parts of the world.
We are in pre-launch at the moment.
I have opened an account with the world’s first and only gold backed savings account. Each deposit is exchanged for gold or silver bullion in small weights so people can own gold and silver bullion for as little as $65 US Dollars.

You can withdrawal gold, silver or cash at any time. You can get paid no less than $130 up to $900 each time you refer someone, just like I am doing right now.
Referral rewards are paid in gold, silver or cash. Through their referral program you can actually get gold for free! There are no enrollment or set up fees - in fact – it’s free to set up an account with them.

The launch is expected within the next 14 to 60 days, so now is the time to get in!!!

Go to the site and watch the videos. For further information - my contact details are listed on the site.