Dear members and investors.

I just want all of you to get some great info

Lifeclub International ( LCI) just had a fantastic 6 years event near Alicante in Spain.

Some of you may know that LCI did a 5 years event last year at the same place.

We did meet owners, management, traders, lawyers and bankiers. Same as last year.

And a lot of old or new and big or small investors, with the same LCI experience: everything is working optimal for the investors

And a lot of the investors took a trip to the office during the week-end Just like they did last year, on the 5 year event

LCI is still delivering very good returns month by month after 6 years in the market.

I hope all the different investments you maybe are investing in is also delivering time after time, just like LCI is doing with low and/or medium risk.

Maybe I see you in Spain next year in Spain on the 7 year event?

Or contact me, if you want to do an investment. But dont contact me if you are looking for Hyip returns.

Have a fantastic summer folks

Best regards,