Dear Investors!

We´re starting a real investment program in thermal power stations!

We´re starting without any leverage but it is planned in the future.

What´s the business?
The new german energy law give us a proved and stable income over 20 years!
That means: If the costs are under control – it is impossible to loose money.
Foreigners have to start a business in Germany and have to invest about USD 40.000,--
for a thermal power station...

We ´re supporting the possibility to earn without such high investment costs.
Your money will be invested by the german branch of the UK company oil & power solutions ltd.

The Plan - without leverage:
Every Investor has a fix income of 3% monthly – at first for 10 years!
Why only 10 and not 20 years?
We have guaranteed prices for canola oil for 10 years. After 10 years we have to decide whether the power station will be profitable furthermore or if we have to change the fuel ( **** oil, jathroba ...).
If the station will be run with profit we pay again 10 years.

The thermal power station is full insured against any risks by the Allianz Insurance Group incl.
changing of the motor etc..

The internet site is available. The script is original from gc. The design is actually very simple but will be changed to attract more people.

Please choose plan 4!
The other plans will be open in the future ( a mix of leveraged plan 4 + investments in other funds )

The income is guaranteed!
10 YEARS in the first step!
No Investment limits!
Optimal Retirement Plan!

For further questions:
[email protected]