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We are now ready for you to join the TeamTHEMCO Co-Operative and become a Shareholder of this exclusive group, of sharing caring individuals.

As a Shareholder, you will be able to participate in any opportunities that the co-operative is able to offer it's Shareholders, including LiberatorOne initially, also acquire any products or services, sourced at the request of the Shareholders, from time to time.

As this is a non profit making organisation, all the profit or savings is for the direct benefit of the Shareholders.

We have many plans and we will be working to make these into a reality along the journey to assure a better life and a better planet.

But for the moment use my link to join free of charge the TeamTHEMCO Co-Operative

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NOTE: the Transaction Code
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Think of it like a pin code on your Debit /Credit card. If you move money out of your account for whatever reason, you need to confirm your instructions to the website security system, that it is you giving the instructions and no one else.
And please store it in a safe place.

The TeamTHEMCO Co-Operative is FREE TO JOIN, so nothing to lose and all to gain.

A note from a fellow participant.

Small investments have been our common ground in the past! We all like to have the opportunity to invest a small amount and get a high outcome with a minimum of effort helping our families and friends!

I very seldom sendanything out because I respect your privacy and do not want to give false hope in risky opportunities.

This is so different because I know this company and am in direct contact with them through their office, mails and Skype. I trust what they are doing and have benefited highly personally from their opportunities.

This special project is one I need to share with all, because it takes very little effort and money to gain a new life style!

This comes from a well known Management Team with around 20 years experience in commercial finance, and which is already known to many of you, AND they have a real "bricks and mortar" physical address, so there is no doubt it is genuine. And most importantly – all register for FREE – and can follow all transactions and information – so you upgrade whenever YOU feel comfortable – with NO timeframe!

1) Largely an Insurance Financially based PASSIVE program. Not an RPP although it does use both endowments and annuities.

2) Sensible manageable Quota of 10,000 members, and they have their own existing nucleus of people to get it off to a good start.

Well we started – here are the member count:

Day 5 289
Day 6 501
Day 7 685
Day 8 1350
Day 9 2234

Day 10 3266 – 1000 new members in ONE day... WAW – with this rate we will have the 10.000 within a WEEK from today. And then LIB ONE is FULL.

Think about this:

WHAT IF: You knew that insurance companies would love to have more customers.

WHAT IF: You knew that investment companies (Hedge fund) would love to invest in anything other than real estate - and very much in personal investments related investments.

WHAT IF: You can withdraw the insurance money on a policy with a fixed maturity – by selling it NOW.

WHAT IF: There is a company who manage all this for YOU? And all participating parties are making a profit from it and ALL agreements are in place!

That's what this new project really boils down to.

A little info about the project:

Name: LiberatorOne

In brief, this works like this:

YOU sign a contract with the Themco co-operative and pay only the administrative costs of $90 - and post your KYC.
The company will now have a large insurance company to issue a policy in your name Do not miss this opportunity! Are you sceptical then study the method thoroughly.

There are companies particular in the UK who specializes in this particular for private people. BUT if you do it on your own, it is not these kind of amounts that will be possible + it is expensive to buy insurance. I have several links found on Google - some of them are listed beneath, so you can see that this is actually a real business trading these contracts and Endowment policies. You can study more about the whole process and the principles behind.

If you Google “Endowment selling”:

Raj k

PS :You can copy and paste this e-mail as a template to pass on your link to your contacts.
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