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Welcome to The Commodity Trading House which is the home of serious commodity investors who earn between 50% and 300% returns on each investment. No knowledge of commodity trading is required to invest with The Commodity Trading House.

The Commodity Trading House is for the serious investor only. If you are looking for enormous percentages paid out in hours or days, please look elsewhere and if you are looking to invest under $100, again, please look elsewhere. Our investments begin at a minimum of $100 and proceeds to a maximum of $5000 dependent upon the markets we are trading.

We trade the Futures Markets utilizing Commodity Contracts. Technical information is listed in the GENERAL INVESTMENT INFORMATION portion located here: GENERAL INVESTMENT INFORMATION.

The Commodity Trading House offers a minimum of 21 separate investment opportunities profiting at various percentages between 50% and 300%.

Quick Summary Review:
- We do not waste needless funds on extensive advertising and fancy websites. We are by no means website designers or security administrators which seem to be the DDOS downfall to many online organizations. Keep it SIMPLE is our motto and concentrate on what we do best which is earning a profit which we believe is of essential importance in an investment organization.
- We do invest our time and knowledge on low key high volume investing which profits everyone involved.
- We are a small group of private professionals who are in the business of earning a profit on the economic swings.
- We do have one IMPORTANT requirment: All of our Investors are asked to have a professional attitude and to treat Co-Investors with respect.

If the above is a fit with your current investment portfolio, please click on the "Money" picture below to enter.
Everything is offered via a Message Board format for ease and simplicity.

- Begin with the section entitled "Start Here" and proceed with the "General Investment Information " section and finally the "Investment Opportunities" section.

We thank you for stopping by The Commodity Trading House.

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