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What are you? What do you offer?
The MindSet Private Investing Group offers reliable and long-term opportunity for online investors. We take funds under management with the purpose of further multiplying be means of investing to futures market.

When has the MindSet Private Investing Group been launched?
The MindSet Private Investment Group is working since 2007. It has been launched by the team of professional traders and analysts. We are just getting Online this year 2009.

What payment options are acceptable?
We can accept Liberty Reserve, PayPal, MoneyBookers, AlertPay, Western Union, MoneyGram and BankWire.

Is the profit I get tax-free?
All the income you get from MindSet Private Investing Group is tax-free and free. It also includes the commissions taken by the project MindSet Private Investing Group for managing funds.

Can I invest to multiple plans from one investment account? Can I open more than one investment account?
You can launch as many plans as you want to. You can open ONLY 1 account. If you try to open 2 accounts your membership will be closed and frozen.

Can I take my principal anytime?
Yes you can take your principal anytime. When the portfolio's term is finished you take the principal without any penalties. Once you want to take the principal before the portfolio is finished, 50% of your principal is paid back to you and all the interests are also deducted.

Can I reinvest my initial investment to the new plan when the current one is finished?
Yes you can complete reinvestment by creating a new thread in the request section and stating you are REINVESTING.

Do you provide referral system?
Yes, we provide the referral system, according to which you get $5 Instantly & also 7% bonus for every referral you refer to the group. Remember - to get the bonus, your referral should indicate your username as the referrer when registering.

Is the profit transferred to my e-currency account, postal mail or Western Union/MoneyGram automatically?
No, all the operations with the clients' funds are processed manually for security reasons.

Can I make additional investments to my portfolio that is running?
No, you can't.

What is the minimum amount I can invest to your group? What is the maximum?
Minimum amount you can invest is $10. Maximum is $100,000.

How can I register for an investment account on your site?
Please follow the link at the top to register.

Do you trade at weekends?
The profit is calculated 5 days a week. No weekends calculated. You can make a withdrawal request and complete investment at weekend. They will be approved the following Monday.

How many investment plans do you offer?
We offer 4 investment plans: Silver, Gold, Platinum & Share Holders. Each of them is individual and has unique investment and withdrawal terms. Follow this link to see our investment plans.

What are the withdrawal terms for your portfolios?
The withdrawal terms are various for all programs: Gold (Withdrawal 30 Business Days); Silver (Withdrawal 60 Business Days); Platinum (Withdrawal 90 Business Days); Share Holders (Withdrawal 120 Business Days).

Is the working term of the plans in business or calendar days?
All investment plans and its terms mention business days.

Is the initial investment returned to me when the plan is finished?
Yes, the initial investment is returned to you when the plan finishes its work.

How long does it take to wait for my profit to be transferred to my e-currency account or other withdrawal account after I make the request?
All the request are processed not later than 48 hours after the actual request is made.

Do you offer compounding?
No, the compounding option is not available at the moment.

What if I can't find the answer to my question here?
Feel free to post any questions/concerns by making a new thread in this forum and we will be sure to answer all questions posted!

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