Hey everyone,

This is the Real Deal. I have incorporated my own company and am in need of working capital. I have decided to make the following offer to anyone who wants to take me up on it.

THE DEAL: If you loan me money so I can have some working capital I will pay you monthly until you have recieved double your money back.
All of the details are too lengthy to list here, but I can assure you in this offer everyone is treated as an indivudial and Everyone will be Paid Each Month until they have recieved Double Their Money Back.

1. I will accept cash and checks only.
2. Loans must be in the form of USD or a check drawn on a US bank. (I will not accept foreign checks)
3. I will give regular updates to the people who have loaned me money only.
4. Payouts may vary each month since these funds will be real and working investments, but monthly payments should increase by a little each month.
5. I am only looking for $400,000 total so after that amount is recieved this offer will close to new loans.
6. There is no maximum loan amount but the minimum amount is $20.00 USD. (Obviously the more you loan the more you will recieve each month)
7. Any checks that do not clear the bank will not be counted as a loan to my company.
8. Payments from my company will only be made in the form of a check and will only be sent/payable to the person and address on any check or envelope recieved.
9. You will be responsible for any capital gains taxes you may have.
10. For any questions you may pm me here and I will give you my contact information so we can talk and get your questions answered.

Highlights of my Comapny.

My company is an LLC Incorporated in Florida, and Foreign filed in Texas where I live. I have a business phone and fax line, a Business Checking account at 2 major banks, a D&B and Experian credit file set up.

If you are interested in this offer please PM me and I will reply with the information needed to get you in and started. I hope to hear from each and everyone of you soon.