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VANFUNDS: The new investment opportunity!

Vandior, Inc. is a large financial corporation that has a current investor base
of over five hundred. These investors have watched their investments flourish
due to our vast knowledge of finances. VanFunds focuses its service in asset
management and has been performing at an astonishing rate since 2003. During the
last six years, Vandior has worked offline and primarily with private clients
with Latin American and Western European origins. In the end of 2007, Vandior
decided it was time to expand its amazing asset management services abroad by
starting the VanFunds website. Currently, Vandior has four different
variable-income funds that enable its investors to choose the investment product
they find the most appealing.

Phenomenal Performance!
During the last several years, Vandior produced phenomenal pure profits for our
* 2004 - 92.4%
* 2005 - 110.2%
* 2006 - 116%
* 2007 - 135.9%
* 2008 - 180.8%. is the official website for Vandior, Inc., a worldwide investment
company and forex broker that offers products and investment services to private
and corporate investors. Vandior Inc. is a registered and licensed company
in the Republic of Panama by Public Deed #933 as of January 31, 2003. Vandior
Inc. (PA) is a Financial Entity Licensed under number: 2007-1158. This company
was founded by very experienced financial traders and investment specialists
which include former financial officers and managers of Credit Suisse, Bladex,
and HSBC. Vandior Inc. currently has offices in Panama, the United States, and
Switzerland. Each of these three countries is well established as having
strong financial traditions as well as security and stability. Vandior, Inc.
is licensed by MICI (Panama).

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