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Program Information
So you want more information?
Here is a Break Down Of the Payment Schedule.
Simple 3x3 Matrix
Level 1 has 3 positions

$1.00 Each $3.00 per Level
Level 2 has 9 positions
$1.50 Each $13.50 per Level
Level 3 has 27 positions
$1.50 Each $40.50 per Level
Total Payout $57.00 for Only $5.00 Entry.

Use your Commissions to purchase more positions
Even purchase from yourself and get paid commission
on your own purchase!!

This is also a feeder site for the
RotatedIncome4u site.
A Site that is making people money everyday.
You may trade commissions for positions here as well,
Just send support a message when requesting a Payout.
Product for your entry fee is 2500 banner impressions on
This site, Send banner url and site url along with ID number through

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