My downline wants to join your program or opportunity. Finally, finally, I have compiled a list of people who have been in my downline in one program or another over the last several years. All of these people are familiar with programs with matrixes. All are open to hearing about a new opportunity.

My list contains 5000 people. I can send their names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses. This list has never been sold before.

I have found through experience that the easiest way to contact my downline is through emails. However, to get the best response rate you should call them. They all are eager to hear about a new opportunity.

I’m selling my list for just $25.00. All you need to do is send $25.00 to PayPal email address [email protected]. As soon as I receive your payment, I will send you the list.

My people are very responsive to new opportunities. If you are having any trouble recruiting people into your opportunity, this is the list for you. Remember it’s best to call them instead of sending them an email.

Warm Regards,

Debbie N.