This is not a Pyramid or MLM program. This is not a PTC program or HYPE program with very high financial risk.
Follow our simple system and do the following below:
Step1: Register for free
Step 2: Buy our Standard Package and activate yourself
Step 3: Get paid every time the company sold Educational Products Package
Step 4: Earn up to $6.090,00

In other words, getting 2 new buyers in DTM ensures you with a permanent position in our Standard Matrix and, as long as you don't fill all 9 levels, you are going to make profit off of it.
Regardless, whether your 2 buyers get their 2 buyers within 21 days or not, you still stay in the profit distribution system.
In the Premium Matrix a person gets in automatically. In other words, you don't have to, literally, do anything to get your position in the Premium Matrix.
After being activated in the Standard Matrix and after the Matrix below you has filled the first 4 levels, the system automatically sells you the Premium Package (from the profit made from 5th level) and gives you one position inside the Premium Matrix. We repeat – you are not paying for that from your own pocket.
Once you become a part of the Premium Matrix, you stay there until the system has filled out the 9th level of the Matrix, after which the system deletes you from the profit distribution system.
How do you make profit in the Premium Matrix? In a very simple way, because the system automatically arrangers other members below you, on the positions which those members have had in the Standard Matrix.
Your members, who were below you in the Standard Matrix, will be below you in the Premium Matrix as well and no one can change that – YOUR REFERRALS ARE PERMANENTELY YOURS! That's the beauty of this system, because it guarantees you safety and a stable passive profit.
In the Standard Matrix you earn 2$ for each buyer placed below you inside the network, while in the Premium Matrix you earn 4$ for each member inside the network placed below you.
When the 9th level of the Standard Matrix is full, you earn $2.044, and when the 9th level of the Premium Matrix is full you earn $4.088, so your total profit is $6.090 (from this amount, 42$ is charged for the Premium Package)!!!
The greatest value and power of our system lies in the fact that no one here has to do anything difficult to make a whole lot of money. All you have to do is buy our Standard Package and bring 2 new buyers within 21 days – and that's all! After that you are only checking how much money you’ve earned and taking that same money through your payment processor.