StreamClix.Com offers a reasonable shared revenue pay plan with upto 150% return. In addition, it has created some formulas that will maintain its sustainability in the long run. does NOT depend only on members Ad Shares purchases, but it has multiple income streams to share the revenues between its members (PTC link ad sales, 3rd party ad networks earning, various banner ad sales, membership upgrade sales, as well as we also involved in some other online businesses.

It is hard to believe on the stability of any program now-a-day, thats why we are using innovative methods for stability of our website.

1. Ad Shares Limitations Based on Membership Types. Depends on membership types, there are different daily ad shares purchase limits as well as limits in different maximum active ad shares. Take a look at this image bellow:

2. Revenues Distribution Regulation, this regulation is applied in order to speed up shared revenues with members. Thats why we share 100% revenue of our website with our members.

Here are more details about revenue share (price, time period and ROI)

Other Advertising Benefits:
500 PTC Credits (Upon purchase Of Worth 1$)
10000 Featured Ad Credits (Upon purchase Of Worth Approx 1$)
10000 Banner Ad Credits (Upon purchase Of worth Approx. 1$)
1 Featured Link Credits (Upon purchase Of Worth 4$)
50 Points (Upon purchase Of Worth 0.05$)

Its mean you can advertise your favourite program here and also get upto 150% ROI on each ad share purchased.

As I know it is fair enough, now its upon you that you buy share or not its totally your decision.

Also for stability of our program we are not using paypal and payza, because they don't allow revenue share and both don't allow huge payments which can causes us in near future, That why we not using paypal and payza.

Remember that we don't pay any single penny to scammers, autoclicker or cheaters, but if you are fair we will take more ways towards you for your better future.
Dear If you are facing any problem, discuss with us we love to solve your problems and its also our responsibility. So visit our forum or support ticket section, we will solve your problems in not more than 6hrs.

Best Regards and have a great future with