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    Default - project Rublik

    The project рублик is the most dynamically developing matrix project by the principle 1/3, started on February 28, 2013.

    Investment plan:
    (Conditions for qualification performance)
    Contribution of 500 rubles and to invite 3 people
    Contribution of 3000 rubles and to invite 3 persons

    Payment systems:

    Marketing plan:
    In the project chess marketing is used, that is it isn't necessary to wait while the table will be closed or to gather a certain quantity of referrals to pass to the following level
    To see project marketing:

    Project description:
    The project рублик for people with an active living position. And is able to enclose 500 rubles and to invite 3 people also the school student.
    With the first invited referral to you your contribution comes back to a purse of 500 rubles. All transfers on the project go directly from the participant to the participant on a straight line, aren't brought to system! Once a month participants bring the fixed abonetsky payment of 500 rubles, 300 rubles go to the sponsor, 200 go on system development, that is it and will be your passive income monthly from each your partner invited by you personally and from partners who came to you to team a modulation from your referral

    how to work at the project:
    1 . To be registered in system... (apropos how to get money on манекси, you come here (it and there will be the main payment system of the project), it is necessary to point at registration your main phone number, to it and the password for an entrance will come... Further in the office you will press on to fill up a purse and you will choose a way for the payment, it to get the most convenient about a perfect attract $18, it is still very important if you in the right top corner have the Ukrainian tag, will see it into Russian, further in an office you find the word converting and you change dollars for rubles)
    2 . Then to be registered in the project here: (in the column your sponsor has to stand this number 79851129313) surely you enter working phone number, to it the password to in a course will come to your office.
    3 . In the office after registration you will see figure 500, you will press it and pay 500 rubles it and there is a condition of your participation

    To look and be registered here:

    Daily pass webinars according to the project in 19 00 Moscow time
    Entrance according to the link:,31962416

    My contribution to the project:
    21/03/2013 16:15 +xxxxx-500.00 RUR 78.57 RUR On project development

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    My earnings from the project in the first 7 days of participation in the project, calculations happen instantly directly between participants of the project on a straight line passing the project through system манекси! below my conclusions with манекси on the Savings Bank visa are shown, the system removed for a conclusion only 3% within 2 days money were already at me to the Savings Bank visa...
    25/03/2013 09:00 +xxxxx-6500.00 RUR 3163.57 RUR the Conclusion 6500.00 RUR on the card 42763800695XXXXX (visa)

    27/03/2013 19:26 +xxxxx-8500.00 RUR 2291.68 RUR the Conclusion 8500 RUR on the card 42763800695XXXXX (visa) (136441231XXXXX)[COLOR = "Silver"]

    In three last days it is earned and brought to the Savings Bank card from payment system манекси

    Transfer sum: 12500.00 RUR
    System commission: 465.00 RUR
    The sum to write-off: 12965 RUR
    Number of the card of the recipient: 42763800695XXXXX
    Description: Conclusion 12500 RUR on the card 42763800695XXXXX (visa) (13650789433477)

    here it is necessary to invite 3 people these are necessary conditions of qualification and to pay 500 rubles for participation or 18 dollars about a perfect money

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