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    Default Club To Infinity Launching TODAY At 6 PM EST

    April 15, 2012

    Greetings Everyone,

    I previously sent you info on Club To Infinity (A NO BRAINER - SEE GUARANTEE BELOW)program. It is launching TODAY, Sunday April 15 after some more tweaking.

    Unfortunately, at this time, they are only accepting members from the
    United States.

    Launch Details

    You can join now and fund your E-Wallet

    Each position will cost ONLY $2.35 ($2 for position and .35 cents for
    processor cost). Examples....

    10 positions------------------------------------$23.50
    25 positions------------------------------------$58.75
    50 positions------------------------------------$117.50

    We will be launching Club To Infinity at 6 PM EST on Sunday, April 15th, 2012.

    At 4 PM EST: You will not be able to log into the Members Area until Launch.
    This means you can join now and you can fund your E-Wallet any time before
    Sunday 4 PM EST.

    From 6 PM EST - 7 PM EST: We will open the log in button along with the Purchase
    Ad Packs button. Each member may make one purchase, either one Ad Pack or a five
    Ad Pack. Only one purchase. This way everyone can be near the top before people get
    in and buy 50 Ad Packs at a time.

    From 7 PM EST - 8 PM EST: We will shut down the Purchase Ad Packs button. At
    that time we will verify that everything is working 100%. Just to verify.

    From 8 PM EST on: You can purchase up to an additional 50 Ad Packs.

    There is a limit of 50 Ad Pack purchase per 24 hour period, starting at 12:01 AM each
    day. For the first day, you can get the 1/5 Packs and 50 Ad Packs at 8 PM and another
    50 Ad Packs at 12:01 AM if you want.

    A colleague wrote: I have spoken with the founder, Bill Bassett and also with Jason Hall who
    helped develop the unique triple fed matrix model. They are very confident
    that each and every member, regardless of when they join, will benefit. As
    stated at the FAQ page - "You will make money. We have safeguards
    in place to assure everyone earns". In fact, to demonstrate their level of
    confidence, they are offering this refund option.....

    "When you join you will be able to purchase up to 50 Ad Packs on
    day one. What ever you purchase on day one is guaranteed. If you
    have not made at least your money back in 30 days you will receive
    a full refund of the original purchase made on day one, minus any
    withdrawals you have already received. Please see Terms and
    To me, that makes this pretty much a "no brainer"!

    Those who can afford it will be purchasing 50 ad packs as soon as possible.
    Those who are short on funds can come in with whatever they can and they
    can grow their account. The important thing is to get in and get positioned
    and this is very affordable since positions are only $2.35 each payable via
    SolidTrustPay or AlertPay.

    Make sure you read "HOW IT WORKS" at site.
    There is a 100% Matching Bonus for anyone you
    can refer. Let me repeat that...100% Matching Bonus!

    I don't like to overstate income earning potential but let me give
    you a short scenario.

    Let's say you came in and purchased 50 Units at the beginning
    and let's say you cycle every 7 days (not a Guarantee), you would
    make $400 the 1st month. Now let's say you brought just one
    other person who does the same thing and you get a 100%
    matching bonus...

    Guess What? You just made $800 in your 1st month.

    Let me repeat...You buy 50 Units...cost $100
    (You can buy any amount you want)
    You stay completely Passive, you cycle 4 times
    in the 1st month, you have just made $400.

    Bring in one person and you have just made $800.

    This is the real thing, the companies mathematician has gone over
    the numbers inside and out and has concluded this is solid and
    sustainable Money Maker. I hope you really consider this

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    ----- Forwarded Message -----
    From: Rose Bassett <[email protected]>
    To: Donna <[email protected]>
    Sent: Sunday, April 15, 2012 5:04 PM

    To view this message as a web page, click here
    At 6 PM EST, we officially launched Club to Infinity.

    At 6:15 PM EST, with everyone logging in to purchase their one or five ad packs, and hanging out in the room, along with the countdown clock and youtube video on the front of the site

    The programmers will be taking the 'bandwith suckers' off the front of the site, but with everyone still trying to get on the site, and hanging around on the site, they can't get in to fix it.

    So, Please, everyone get off the site. Don't even have the website pulled up.

    The minute that everything is back up, I will send another email out to let you know that you can finish purchasing your 1 or 5 ad packs.

    The sooner we get this done, the sooner we can get moving again.

    Before it ground to a stand still, the cycles were FLYING! And that was with only one or five ad packs being purchased.

    Give the programmers a few minutes to get this fixed and we can get started again.

    Rose Bassett
    Club to Infinity

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    Our website is currently being upgraded to serve you better...
    Please check back later for full access

    Now Here's A Sure Way To Create Income &
    Start Making Realistic Money From Home
    Than You Ever Thought Possible!

    It Doesn't Matter Whether You've Ever
    Joined A Matrix Program In The Past Or Not
    Because Now You Can Join This Unique
    New Matrix Program & Be On The


    From the Desk of William C. Bassett, Co-Founder of Club To Infinity

    In today's society, there's a strong demand for affordable online programs that provide member's with quality advertising and training that they can put to good use, as well as a way to make referral commissions quickly and easily that create a reliable, regular income.
    If you're tired of joining programs that don't end up making you any money, then you really need to keep reading, because you won't be disappointed with the results you can achieve with our program.
    We developed this matrix system to take the hard work out of promoting and building a downline, while making it simple and straightforward for members to make money in a short period of time - with little effort.

    Welcome to Club To Infinity
    2x2 Triple Fed Company Forced Matrix.
    You'll receive a new Ad Package in the matrix when you cycle!
    Earn a 100% Matching Bonus of when your referrals cycle in the Matrix.
    Same ISP accounts allowed (Only 1 account per person.)
    Advertising impressions for every Ad Package purchased.
    Use our proven formula to maximize your income.
    Full access to our Complete Training Program for Internet Marketers.
    Learn the Secret to the Power of One.

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    I think this shows the INTEGRITY of this company!

    Hi fellow Club to Infinity Members.

    As you know, the Launch didn't go well. As the saying goes, bigger isn't always better. We had a dedicated server. What I didn't know at the time is that with the higher level types of servers, you either have to be a 'server expert' or pay someone big bucks to watch your server for problems and issues. Okay, so now I know. With all or original site information and files and our new information and files and the site that had quite a bit of stuff that sucks up bandwidth, we were just about maxed out without the added burden of hundreds of people hitting the site at the same time trying to make transactions. Our site froze up, it 'spun' our software so for each purchase it did 20 transactions all with the same exact time and date stamp. When we restarted the server, all the old stuff got mixed up with the new stuff and froze up again. When I went into a site, it immediately froze up. When Bill checked his site, it was showing his Ad Pack purchases from a month ago when we did the Beta Test.
    So, to make a long story short, I got the server that the programmers told me to get, and they immediately started moving and changing the site so it won't drain the bandwidth. As you can see right now, the countdown clock is not there. The Opportunity Video is not there. They did a save of everything just before we launched. So everything will go back to that time. If you had done your subscription, the expiration date will be moved forward.
    One of the things that will be changed, that I didn't know about until late last night, is that there was a $8 hold on your e-wallet to cover 2 weeks worth of subscriptions. That will be removed. So if you start with $14, enough for one week of subscription and a 5 Ad Pack, you will be able to get them.
    Down the road, we will recreate the website to something that will be more appealing and less draining on the server. We know that once we get this ship launched, we won't have the same problem, but it won't hurt to always be prepared.
    They have been working on getting everything back up to where we were, along with the subscription changes and the 'no holds' on e-wallets.
    As soon as we see that everything is ready, we will let you know. As we know more, you will know more. Expect an email from me tomorrow.
    As always, make sure your Upline and your Downline get this email. Yes, there are still hundreds of members who are not part of our CTI Update System. If you haven't already signed up for it, please go to and sign up.
    I want to thank you for the support that you have all sent me. I really appreciate it more than you can imagine.
    As Bill said last night, We will prevail! Club To Infinity will launch no matter what it takes!!Thank you again,
    Rose Bassett
    Club to Infinity

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    This shows the INTEGRITY of this company!
    To view this message as a web page, click here
    Launch will be on April 19, 2012 at 6 PM EST.
    Here is where you can go for the Countdown Clock.
    It will NOT be on our Club to Infinity site.
    6 PM EST - 7 PM EST: You may only purchase either one Ad Pack or a 5 Ad Pack. Once you have made your purchase, please log off and close the browser. Don't stay on the site and refresh to see how things move. That will take up more bandwidth and will slow things down for others. Treat it like a Christmas Present. You have to wait to see what the results. Maybe show up before 7 PM EST to see how things went.
    7 PM EST - 8 PM EST: We will lock everyone out of the Member's Area, so we can check to make sure everything went properly.
    8 PM EST -: You can log back in and purchase up to another 50 Ad Packs. Even if you previously purchased 5 Ad Packs, you may purchase 50 Ad Packs at this time. There is a limit to how many you may purchase per day, 50 Ad Packs, starting at 12:00 AM EST - 11:59 PM EST. On Launch day, you may purchase up to 55 Ad Packs. And then at 12:01 AM EST, you may purchase another 50 Ad Packs if you desire.
    If you are not already part of the CTI Update System, please go to and sign up.
    Here is to Success for Everyone!
    Bill and Rose Bassett, Jason Hall

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