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    Default A once in a lifetime opportunity

    Are you sick of investing in the internet world of Hyip and investments scams? What if I was to tell you that you could own a piece of a real forex brokerage house!. All this for as little as an $100 Investment.

    no doubt you’ve already witnessed the opportunity in the FX market first hand. Whether you’ve been trading for years or just started, have you ever considered the revenue your trading volume has generated for your broker? Fxplode makes it possible for the average person to invest in opportunity you’ve witnessed in the FX market.

    Our first Phase was a huge success and sold out fast. We raised enough to put everything together and our launch date is set for July 5th 2011. It is now time to concentrate on phase 2 and raise the final piece of the puzzle. We need to raise $35000 for our advertising budget.

    Fxplode investment group provides everything you require to turn as little as a $100 investment into potential source of income. Our Business team would be happy to speak with you about getting started with investing in one of fastest growing markets in the world.

    contact one of our staff at our investors site here to learn more, or have any questions answered.

    To have a look at our main site go here

    Key things to focus on

    1 The forex industry is the fasted growing investment market in the world.
    2. you are investing in a real business and not a Ponzi scheme or some sort of High risk investment.
    3. We will be debt free. We will be making money right out of the gate.
    4. Your investment does not expire.


    If after six months the full $35,000 USD has NOT been raised investors will have the option to withdrawal their investment less any processor fee's.

    Each share purchaser/holder will be emailed an official receipt Acknowledging you purchase

    Once the full $35,000 has been collected all share holders will be listed on the share registry of our Limited Partner Corporation and be issued share certificates.

    Share holders will NOT have voting rights within the company and are only entitled to monetary compensation in the form of dividends and/or their stated percentage of the company’s monthly net gains.

    During the time we are actively soliciting new investors, or in other words before the $35,000 USD is collected in full, investors may sell their shares back to the company at anytime less any processor fee's

    Once the full investment has been collected and the main businesses launched if an investor chooses to he/she may also sell their shares back to the company at their full face value at ANY time for ANY reason.

    All investors will have access to a private blog and/or forum where they will be updated regularly on the company’s progress.

    Dividends, once the company is operation will be paid on a monthly basis, on a fixed date to be set at launch.

    Each Share holder will be emailed a complete financial statement each month or be granted access to said statements via an online forum or other similar media.

    * This TOS can change at anytime without warning and previous share purchases are NOT grandfathered into older terms.

    right now there are 330 shares left

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    Hey that's been really great to know about fxplode, Forex trading is big business. The global annual turnover is counted in trillions, yes that is right, trillions of dollars More and more people, day after day, are eager to learn how to trade online. This creates a business opportunity. Online trading in stocks, futures, options and of course forex is a booming business. The technology and permissions to be able to trade online for ordinary people has only been available for a few years. The growth in people trading has been dramatic.

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